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    نظام اختيار المواد الشامل المقاوم للتآكل (CRA) لتطبيقات النفط والغاز المسببة للتآكل. وهي تمكن المستخدمين من اتخاذ خيارات متسقة ومحسنة تستند إلى بيانات هندسية حقيقية للتآكل وإرشادات هندسية صارمة للمواد ، وقد أحدث استخدام CRAs في تطبيقات النفط والغاز ثورة في الصناعة من خلال توفير حلول تعديلية لمعالجة التطبيقات الصعبة التي لا يوجد فيها الفولاذ الكربوني. خيار ممكن. ويساعد على اتخاذ القرار من خلال الاعتماد على بيانات

    Socrates v10.0 is a comprehensive corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) material selection system for corrosive oil and gas applications. It enables users to make consistent, optimized choices based on real corrosion engineering data and rigorous materials engineering guidelines.​​​ The use of CRAs in oil and gas applications has revolutionized the industry by providing metallurgical solutions to address challenging applications where carbon steel is not a feasible option. It aids decision-making by drawing on proprietary Joint Industry Program (JIP) data, extensive field experience, and the latest NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 service limits.

    Socrates v10.0 enables users to:
    find the optimum CRAs for critical, high corrosivity applications, including high H2S and high chloride oil and gas production and transmission systems;
    validate the use of CRAs for existing applications through material and property analysis;\evaluate the potential for CRA equipment failure due to corrosion and cracking.

    How Does It Work? ​Socrates v10.0 incorporates extensive new data on the most commonly used Corrosion Resistant Alloy materials in the industry. A new pH prediction module based on ionic analysis helps in accurate pH computation, while the adaptive rules module facilitates modification of the selection rules of system rules to accommodate company-specific data and requirements. Socrates v10.0 is equipped with integrated selection rules for production environments, as well as acidizing, completion fluids and injected water systems. It can perform advanced alloy analysis, including creating groups of user-specific alloys, and offers an enhanced safe use limits module for stainless steel. Its advanced user interface enables concurrent analysis of multiple environments and alloys.

  • Mohamed Radwan
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    thank you