Beginner English: Practical Foundational English Training

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    Beginner English: Practical Foundational English Training

    Duration: 1.5 hours | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 Ch | 1 GB

    Genre: eLearning | Language: English | 15 Lectures


    Simply English. A simple, elegant approach to English

    What you'll learn
    To speak English like an American and write like the British
    Improve your pronunciation via a variety of visual and audio speech exercises
    Build your vocabulary and English expressions
    Bridge the gap between your reading ability and your comprehension of what you read
    Improved grammar
    Improved comprehension
    Improved speaking and reading
    An elementary or an upper elementary (A1-A2) level of English
    Willingness to practise what they learn
    This course is an elementary level English course (A1-A2). The student understands basic phrases and instructions. He/she can interact in a very simple way and uses incomplete sentences, without real grammatical content. He/she may be able to participate in a dialogue giving personal information but in a limited way using minimal vocabulary.

    This course is designed to improve your English at its foundation. You will have a basic understanding of English and be able to speak it immediately. You will be able to introduce yourself in various social interactions. Use the verb 'to be' correctly in positive, negative and question sentences. Understanding when to use the verb 'to be'. Talk about yourself and give personal information.

    Using the WH-question words correctly and immediately employ them in your language. Express yourself and ask the proper questions to get the answers you need.

    You will learn:

    How to Meet and Greet

    Greetings and Farewells

    Subject Pronouns

    How to Use the Verb 'To Be' Properly

    How to Talk About Jobs, Countries

    How to Use Wh Questions (What, Where, Who, When)

    And much more!

    This course is taught using the four pillars of learning; both active parts of speaking and writing and both passive parts of reading and listening. You will acquire new vocabulary from real life scenarios and while reading excerpts of paragraphs and poems written by well-known authors.

    The course will be paired with a PDF leaflet that you can download and print which will follow the order of each section and lecture offering you an active part in your learning.

    This course also includes:

    Clear lessons that are built upon each other

    Skits that subtly foreshadow upcoming lessons

    Integrative approach to English expressions, idioms, similes and metaphors

    Many PDF worksheets that mirror each part of the lessons

    Original flashcards to develop vocabulary

    Teacher that speaks American English

    About your teacher

    Native speaker from Canada

    Taught ESL to adults and children for 5 years, privately and in a classroom

    fluent in English and French

    taught in a Montessori preschool

    homeschooled my children for 14 years employing the Waldorf pedagogy

    As the name intends, Simply English is a course designed for A1 students who desire a simple approach to English. Through the 4 language pillars of speaking, reading, writing and listening, each lesson provides a weave of active and passive activities. Simply English employs many images to further the understanding of the lesson, as well as unique and engaging video skits. Which add a playful appeal to the overall learning experience.

    Who is the target audience?
    Students who desire to improve their English at its foundation
    Students who are seeking to have a basic understanding of English and be able to speak it immediately
    People who have tried to learn English with no significant advancement
    Desire a natural approach to learning

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