Kitchen Poliform Varenna Phoenix 3 (v-ray, corona)

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    Kitchen Poliform Varenna Phoenix 3 (vray, corona)

    Kitchen Poliform Varenna Phoenix 3 (vray, corona)

    max | obj | 3D Models | 368 MB

    Kitchen Poliform Varenna Phoenix with the equipment and the filling is made for corona render 1.3 and vray 3.2. The equipment includes: washing and Barazza mixers; oven, hobs, and the Miele wine coolers, and the scene contains fixture Modo Chandelier, table Poliform Flute, chairs Poliform Ley and the entire decor. In the scene 535K polygons. 54 mb The archive of high-resolution textures. Additional smoothing models are required. To save scene size refrigerators abandoned on one bottle of red and white wine, copy and unpack them in the refrigerator to your liking. vray materials are configured properly. In version vray, BRDF materials installed in Microfacet GTR / GGX, owners vray 2.4 must be installed in the Blinn BRDF. For Corona render, it is recommended to put the version not lower than 1.3, because it uses Corona Layered Material. Other kitchen Varenna can be found in my profile. Beautiful renderings you