The future of the city tall buildings and urban design - Al Kodmany 2013

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    The future of the city tall buildings and urban design - Al Kodmany 2013

    Major cities of the world are facing a crisis of housing, shortage of workplace, polluted environment, and inadequate and deteriorating infrastructure. Existing cities have the challenge of how to introduce new tall buildings into the urban fabric whereas expanding cities are exploring new schemes about how to select the most appropriate sites and fashion the contextual setting of new tall buildings. Through a large number of wide-ranging visuals, sketches, and photographs as well as provocative textual narrative, this book enlightens its readers about integrating tall buildings into the cities of the future.

    Drawing on the experiences of several cities from different parts of the world, it provides a global perspective on the urbanization phenomenon and tall building development and examines their underlying logic, design drivers, contextual relationships, and pitfalls. All graphic illustrations are accompanied by explanatory captions to illuminate further the related concepts. The book discusses spatial planning and sustainable strategies as well as offers pragmatic architectural and urban design guidelines to better design tall buildings for future cities.

    Size: 239 MB