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    Revit Structures By Emmanuel Sasu Gyan

    I am BIM Specialist and I have years of experience in teaching Autodesk products like AutoCAD, Revit and many more

    What you'll learn
    Is my responsibility to guide every students to learn the preferred course and deliver every course to the maximum best for my student to learn.
    It going to be 25 minutes to two hours
    I have a backup drive to save my videos on it
    With the experience i have on the field of software and drawing i have the capability to teach and explore my students

    Computer, Revit, Autocad, Mouse, Laptop

    Welcome to this comprehensive course on Revit Structures! In today's digital era, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized the way we design and analyze structures. Revit Structures, a powerful BIM software, offers a wide range of tools and features specifically tailored for structural engineering.

    Whether you're an aspiring engineer, a design professional, or a student, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize Revit Structures in your structural design projects. So, let's get started!Understanding the fundamentals of BIM and its benefits in structural engineering Overview of Revit Structures and its interface Navigating the Revit workspace and understanding the project structure Introduction to the basic tools and features in Revit Structures Setting up a new project and configuring project units for accurate modeling Importing architectural and structural drawings into Revit Structures Creating structural elements such as columns, beams, slabs, and walls Modifying and adjusting the geometry and properties of structural elements Generating detailed construction drawings and schedules in Revit Structures Annotating drawings with dimensions, tags, and annotations Creating custom families and templates for efficient detailing Exporting drawings and reports for collaboration with other project stakeholders Exploring advanced modeling techniques (e.g., parametric families, adaptive components)Utilizing advanced analysis features (e.g., advanced analytical models, load combinations)Creating complex structural systems (e.g., trusses, frames) in Revit Structures Incorporating interoperability with other software (e.g., AutoCAD, Robot Structural Analysis)

    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Lecture 2 Why Revit Software & BIM

    Section 2: Introduction to Revit Software

    Lecture 3 Revit User Interface (1)

    Lecture 4 Revit User Tools Interface (2)

    Lecture 5 User Interface (3) ( Export, Files, Save and Option)

    Section 3: Project Start-up and Preparation

    Lecture 6 Project Information, Units, Datum (Levels & Grid)

    Lecture 7 Drawing Selection & Modify Shortcut Commands

    Section 4: Structural Columns

    Lecture 8 How to place Columns both Vertical & Slanted

    Section 5: Everything About Structural Walls

    Lecture 9 Placing of walls the right way

    Lecture 10 How to draw a Slanted Walls in Revit 2023

    Section 6: Foundations

    Lecture 11 Adding Piers and Isolated Footings

    Lecture 12 Adding Wall Foundation

    Lecture 13 Raft Foundation and Slab Edges

    Lecture 14 How to create Shaft Openings in CMU elements

    Lecture 15 How to Tag Foundation Bases And Reference Schedule

    Section 7: Structural Framing

    Lecture 16 How to Place a Concrete Beams and it Geometric Position

    Lecture 17 How to Place a Structural Beam Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

    Lecture 18 How to load Revit Family and Precast family in Revit

    Section 8: Floors and Slabs

    Lecture 19 Floor Slab & Sectional Details

    Lecture 20 How to add a concrete floor with steel decking

    Lecture 21 Cantilevering floor slab explained

    Lecture 22 Creating a Slab Depression & Different ways to do it

    Section 9: Steel Brace Frames

    Lecture 23 Steel Braced Framed - All you need to know about steel brace framed

    Section 10: Ramps, Staircase & Slop

    Lecture 24 Creating a Series of Staircases

    Lecture 25 How to create Ramp & Railings

    Lecture 26 Creating SLOP with different perspective.

    Section 11: Steel Trusses

    Lecture 27 Structural Trusses

    Lecture 28 How to attach trusses to roofs

    Lecture 29 How to Change truss materials

    Section 12: Reinforcing Rebar

    Lecture 30 Introduction to Rebar reinforcement

    Lecture 31 Modify and Placement of Rebar

    Lecture 32 Reinforcement of Column Base

    Lecture 33 Reinforcement of Slab

    Lecture 34 Reinforcement of Slab with Area Reinforcement

    Revit Beginners & Intermediate

    Published 12/2023
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 4.16 GB | Duration: 7h 1m


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