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    Construction Sequence Of A Real Life Project [Crash Course]

    For Beginner Civil Engineers

    What you'll learn
    Understand the Construction Process from Scratch
    How to read Construction Drawings Accurately?
    How the Grid are Marked on Site?
    How the Excavation is Carried out?
    What is the importance of SSM Work?
    Time skip between the Construction Stages?

    No need for any prerequisites

    In this course titled "Construction Sequence of a Real Life Project[Crash Course]" we will understand the sequence in which the construction work takes place. In this first phase of updates. "Thinlu Project" is the main project. Along with that, we will be discussing two to three other projects from the underground water tank construction stage.

    The projects are residential in nature.
    We have added content such as:

    1. Clearing of site
    2. Grid marking
    3. Footing marking
    4. Overview of Excavation and PCC work
    5. Column Marking
    6. Bar Bending Work on site
    7. Casting of Footings
    8. Neck Column Casting9. Back Filling
    10. SSM Work
    11. Plinth Beam Casting
    12. Back Filling
    13. PCC Work on the Ground Floor Level
    14. Column Casting for Superstructure.
    15. Staircase Work on Multiple Sites.
    16. Beam and Column Casting.

    The goal of this course is to help engineers get an idea about how the construction work is carried out on-site, and how we need to produce drawings for the construction purpose.
    We are confident that upon the completion of this course.

    The engineer will gain a fair amount of idea as to what goes on site, and how to deal with issues related to the site as and when they appear.

    All the best!

    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Introduction

    Section 2: Project Introduction

    Lecture 2 Project Introduction

    Section 3: How are Grids Marked on Site? (Manually)

    Lecture 3 Manual Grid Marking on Site Explanation & Execution

    Section 4: How are Footings Marked on Site?

    Lecture 4 How are Footings Marked on Site Explanation & Execution

    Section 5: Excavation & PCC Work (Overview)

    Lecture 5 Excavation & PCC Work on Site

    Section 6: How are Columns Marked on Site?

    Lecture 6 How is Column Marking carried out on Site?

    Lecture 7 Column Marking Site Execution

    Section 7: How are Footing Meshes Created on site?

    Lecture 8 Footing Mesh on Site Explanation

    Lecture 9 Footing Mesh on Site Execution

    Section 8: How are Columns Erected on Site?

    Lecture 10 Column Cage on Site Explanation

    Lecture 11 Column Cage on Site Execution

    Section 9: How is Footing Concreting Carried out on Site?

    Lecture 12 Footing Concreting on Site (Explanation)

    Lecture 13 Footing Concreting on Site Execution

    Section 10: What is Column Starter and Neck Column?

    Lecture 14 Column Starter and Neck Column (Explanation)

    Lecture 15 Column Starter and Neck Column on Site Execution

    Section 11: How is the Underground Water Tank Constructed on Site?

    Lecture 16 Under Ground Water Tank Part 1

    Lecture 17 Under Ground Water Tank Part 2

    Section 12: How to carry out Back Filling Work on Site?

    Lecture 18 Back Filling Work on Site (Part 1)

    Lecture 19 Back Filling Work on Site (Part 2)

    Section 13: How is the Size Stone Masonry (S.S.M) Executed on Site?

    Lecture 20 Size Stone Masonry on Site Explanation & Execution

    Section 14: What are Plinth beams?

    Lecture 21 Plinth Beam Execution

    Lecture 22 Plinth Beam on Site Execution Part 1

    Lecture 23 Plinth Beam on Site Execution Part 2

    Section 15: How to Execute a Grade Slab on Site?

    Lecture 24 Grade Slab on Site (Explanation)

    Lecture 25 Grade Slab on Site Execution

    Section 16: What are the steps to Cast Columns on Site?

    Lecture 26 Columns on Site Execution

    Lecture 27 Column Detailing on Site[Part 1]

    Lecture 28 Column Detailing on Site[Part 2]

    Section 17: How is a Staircase Erected on Site?

    Lecture 29 Staircase Marking and Bar Bending Work on Site

    Lecture 30 Staircase on Site Execution

    Lecture 31 Slab Less Staircase (Sawtooth Staircase) on Site Execution

    Section 18: When and Where Lintel and Chajja are provided?

    Lecture 32 Lintel & Chajja on Site Execution

    Section 19: How are Slabs and Beam Casted on Site?

    Lecture 33 What's the difference between Centering, Shuttering & Staging ?

    Lecture 34 Slab & Beam on Site Execution

    Civil engineers,Structural engineers,Estimation,Construction,Autocad

    Published 12/2023
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    Language: English | Size: 10.04 GB | Duration: 6h 1m



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