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    WinWay Resume Deluxe 14.00.018

    الأداة المناسبة لهذا المنصب. سوف تكتب سيرتك الذاتية وتنسقها وتراجعها. وسوف تفعل الكثير. يمكنك إنشاء سير ذاتية ورسائل مستحيلة مع وظيفة AutoWriter®. العثور على وظائف ، وإعداد طلبات العمل ، والمقابلات ، وزيادة الرواتب. لنظام التشغيل Windows 7 و 8 و 10 و Vista و XP .

    The right tool for the job. It will write, format, and audit your resume for you. And it will do much, much, more. Create job winning resumes and letters with AutoWriter®. Find jobs, prepare job applications, ace the interview, maximize salary. For Windows 7, 8 , 10, Vista, XP & more.

    - Create job winning resumes and letters with AutoWriter®. Find jobs, prepare job applications, ace the interview, maximize salary.
    - For Windows 7, 8 , 10, Vista, XP & more.
    - Perfect for every career situation: career advancement, career change, returning to the job market, work from home. Overcome employment gaps.

    Create your resumes and cover letters automatically
    Simply choose an example in your profession, then customize with ready-to-use, professionally-written phrases, with keywords that employers are looking for. Includes 14,000+ resume examples and 116,000+ job-specific phrases. Also creates persuasive resume cover letters, ad response letters, interview thank you letters, and much more.

    Resume phrases with job-specific keywords
    Resume Software AutoWriter® offers ready-to-use phrases for your resumes and letters. The new Job Title Matching System cross references 35,000+ common job titles to their respective resume examples and job-specific phrases. From Architect to Zoologist. Recognizes alternate job titles: Lawyer/Attorney, Youth Counselor/Youth Advisor, Paralegal/Legal Assistant. In addition to civilian titles, the program now includes 4000+ military job titles, to help veterans seeking civilian employment.

    "What is your Desired Salary?"
    Resume Software Don't price yourself out of consideration. Determine the right salary to ask for based on your profession and experience. Prepare answers to typical job application questions ahead of time and without stress. Print a handy job application reference sheet containing employment dates, salary history, supervisor contacts, and other information required by employers. Ensure your job application is correct, complete, and consistent.

    Catch Resume Mistakes Before Employers Do! ®
    In this highly competitive job market, employers are fast to dismiss resumes containing errors or inconsistencies. The patented Resume Auditor® feature checks resumes and letters for 100+ common errors that can cause rejection. Both layout and content are checked: wrong ordering of jobs, inappropriate information such as age or marital status, employment gaps, date overlaps, missing information, potential discrimination and much more. The WinWay Resume Auditor® provides specific suggestions for improvement and also rates the resume according to the number of action verbs it finds.

    "What salary should we pay you?"
    Watch simulated salary negotiation in full-motion video and learn to answer difficult salary questions. Perfect, time-proven answers you can use to boost your next paycheck.

    Twitter jobs in real time
    Instant access to Twitter job postings – one of the hottest new sources for current jobs. Respond immediately to job postings.

    OS : Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
    Language : English

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