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    Quik Soft

    QuikSoft QuikEC3 v1.11
    QuikSoft QuikFrame v8.42
    QuikSoft QuikJoint v8.20
    QuikSoft QuikPort v7.22
    QuikSoft Merlin v5.35
    QuikSoft QuikBeam v4.20

    Merlin is the BS5950 equivalent of QuikEC3 and remains an effective tool for creating custom sections for export to Quikport, Quikjoint, Quikframe and Quikbeam. Merlin speeds the repetitive calculations required for steel design to BS5950-P1:2000. The program deals with a comprehensive range of section shapes including semi-compact and slender and even facilitates the creation of custom made rolled and fabricated sections.

    QuikEC3 is an ideal training tool for EN 1993-1-1 (Eurocode 3). QuikEC3 is a very useful 'electronic blue book' which can calculate properties, section classifications and structural capacities for a wide range of section shapes, using Eurocode 3 terminology. A database of all major world-wide steel sections is included but custom tables are easily built for non-standard sections. View calculations for classification, capacity, combined capacity, strut, lateral torsional buckling and combined buckling in simple tabs or output calculations for a complete solution. QuikEC3 is based on the popular Merlin package which first introduced the concept of the 'electronic blue book'. Extensive research and development has produced an everyday practical tool which is also a powerful aid to learning the Eurocode. All the more difficult Eurocode concepts have been incorporated to ensure that it offers a comprehensive and versatile solution capable of addressing a wide range of section profiles.



    How to use: quiksoft_purchase_kg
    QuikSoft Purchace Module Keygenerator -> Menu -> Help -> Purchase Modules
    Type Serial into left & Choice into right in keygen.
  • mshehab123
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    • Jan 2020 

    "Hi, where can find the "QuikSoft Purchace Module Keygenerator -> Menu -> Help -> Purchase Modules
    • mshehab123
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      • Jan 2020 

      Hi again,
      I have managed to install all except QuikEC3.
      There was no Key generator for first installation like other softwares.
      Please advise