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    Bentley CulvertMaster

    Bentley CulvertMaster helps civil engineers design and analyze simple culverts or complex embankment cross-drain systems.

    You can use Bentley CulvertMaster to:
    · Create design trials of single or multi-barreled culvert components, with a choice of cross-sectional shapes including circular, arch, box, and elliptical.
    · Analyze various designs for complex embankment cross-drain systems comprised of one or more culvert components and/or embankment overtopping.
    · Calculate watershed discharge rates using rainfall tables, equations, or Hydro-35 data, and plot rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves.
    · Generate professional-looking reports and graphs.

    Bentley CulvertMaster provides flexible tools that you can use for all phases of your project:

    Quick Culvert Calculator
    Use the Quick Culvert Calculator whenever you need a quick answer for a simple culvert design or analysis. This worksheet style dialog requires the minimum amount of descriptive input information to solve for discharge, headwater elevation, or culvert size. The Quick Culvert Calculator is a terrific tool for verifying the performance of an existing culvert crossing or for spot-checking design calculations!

    Culvert Designer/Analyzer - Design mode
    For a new design, you supply basic site and roadway data that will apply for a specific culvert crossing. You can then develop any number of culvert design trials for the specific site and roadway embankment conditions. You have options for computing watershed discharge, design headwater, tailwater conditions, stream channel grades and embankment slopes. In Design mode, you create individual culvert trials and solve for:
    · Size of a culvert of a specified shape, material, and roughness to pass the design discharge under design elevation headwater conditions;
    · Discharge for a specific culvert under design elevation headwater; or,
    · Elevation headwater for a specific culvert under design discharge conditions.

    Culvert Designer/Analyzer - Analysis mode
    For Analysis, you have options for computing watershed discharge, tailwater conditions and stream channel grades, and roadway profiles for overtopping. You then specify each of the culvert structures that work together to provide cross-drainage at the site. You may also import a design trial culvert component into the culvert set if you want to evaluate the effects of adding supplemental structures. Use the New Analysis option if you are:
    · Verifying the hydraulic performance of existing culverts;
    · Analyzing complex situations such as main-stream culverts working in combination with relief culverts in overbank areas;
    · Performing road overtopping analysis of existing culverts or new designs; or,
    · Supplementing existing culvert structures to correct inadequate capacities resulting from urbanizing watersheds or undersized cross-drain conditions.

    Bentley Culvertmaster - Cumulative Patch Set for build

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