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    Roxar RMS 2013.0 rev.173741

    Roxar Software Solutions (RMS) is a global leader in 3D geological modeling and integrated simulation software. Our solutions facilitate big loop workflows of reservoir management, that provide the greatest accuracy, the most comprehensive uncertainty assessment, and the best-quantified risk in the geologic model – from seismic acquisition through to simulation and from exploration to production. Roxar solutions are designed to create informed field development and reservoir management decisions, such as what depletion strategy to use, where to drill wells, and how to operate those wells. We deliver high quality technology and detailed reservoir understanding that help operators increase oil and gas recovery, with accelerated production from well-managed fields.

    Reservoir modelling is the best platform for examining and understanding subsurface geology and generating vital information on the commercial production of hydrocarbons whether it is applied offshore or onshore, or on conventional or even unconventional fields.

    Despite the fact that seismic-to-simulation workflows are frequently the key difference between commercial success and failure for complex projects, many companies still don´t model their reservoirs. Reasons include cost, lack of confidence in the technology, limited understanding of the value, or even lack of expertise.

    With global oil and gas recovery rates averaging only about 35% (Rigzone, August 2012), reservoir modelling and its ability to optimize recovery is the critical defining workflow within the E&P industry today. It provides the tools and skills that operators need right now to increase the production and profitability of their reservoirs.



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    • Dec 2018 

    . Please provide us the version Roxar RMS 11.1 because the licence Roxar RMS 2013 is expired in december 2017