Geologynet Field Tools v1.2

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    Geologynet Field Tools v1.2

    The Field Tools Package contains our best dot net
    geology field tools for Windows. Three tools have
    been combined into one application:
    1. Contour3DMS, Contouring and Mapping in 2D and 3D
    2. CrossSectionMS, Cross Section plotting application
    3. LogPlotMS, for plotting and drawing Drill Logs and Other Logs
    Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
    Plot and Draw Drill Hole/Sample Maps, Contour Maps,
    Cross Sections and Drill Logs
    Read/Write Tab, CSV and Excel Files
    Builtin Spreadsheet for Entering and Editing Data
    Use Additional Windows Symbol Fonts
    Optional Mineral Databases
    Core Description Report Templates
    Dip Calculator
    True Vertical Depth Calculator
    Import LAS and Text Data Files for Plotting
    Wireline Logs
    Plot Wireline Logs as Line, Histogram or Point
    Rock Classification Wizard builtin
    Structural/Mapping Symbol Font with Bedding,
    Foliation, Fold, Fault, Lineation, Cleavage, Dyke
    and Joint Symbols Included
    Lithology Pattern Font, Drill Hole Symbol Font
    Rotated Symbols
    Builtin Pattern Library
    Auto or Manual Scales
    Drawing and Text Tools Including Line, Box, Filled
    Box, Ellipse, Filled Ellipse, Text, Symbol
    Choice of Colors, Labels, Symbols and Fonts
    Reference Charts Including Map Symbols, Rock Color,
    Timescale, Volume Estimation, Grainsize Charts
    Printing and Clipboard Support, Print Vector and
    Output to Bitmap or PDF Files plus other formats.
    PDF Manual


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    من أروع البرامج
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