English Grammar Basics: Grammar and Correct Usage of English

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    English Grammar Basics: Grammar and Correct Usage of English

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 Ch

    | Duration: 3.5 hours | Size: 3.19 GB


    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    English Grammar: Grow your command of English grammar and usage through straightforward lessons and quizzes

    What Will I Learn

    How to speak and write with proper English grammar
    How to ace your English grammar test
    How to increase your command of the English language
    How to identify and correct common grammatical mistakes


    Ability to understand spoken and written English
    It's suggested you have a notebook for taking notes


    Welcome to English Grammar Basics, where you will grow your command of the English language by building up your understanding of grammar and usage.

    My name is Jason Link, and I’m a published writer and a former English instructor. I have taught students from all over the world and have had the opportunity to teach in the US and outside the US. For over five years, I lived in Nicaragua and during that time, I taught English and writing to students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, many of whom did not have English as their first language. I’m privileged to share all of this teaching experience with you in this course.

    English Grammar Basics is a course for writers, speakers, and students who want to:

    strengthen their communication in the English language

    improve their grammar and usage in their speaking and writing

    catch and correct those pesky grammar mistakes that are all too common.

    Throughout this course, I will share with you straightforward explanations on how English grammar works. But it’s not enough to simply hear about these key concepts; you need to put them into practice. This is why each lesson is followed by a quiz so that you can see that you have retained what you learned.

    This course moves in a very logical sequence. We start with basic concepts and build up from there to more complex concepts.

    In this course we will go over:

    parts of speech

    parts of the sentence


    clauses and sentence structure

    verb tenses

    using pronouns correctly

    By the end of this course, you will have a strong command of English grammar and usage. You will develop a new confidence in your speaking and writing.

    Are you a writer who wants a better command of English grammar and usage? This course is for you.

    Are you an ESL or ELL student who wants a better understanding of how English grammar works? This course is for you.

    Are you student studying for an English test or writing a very important paper for a class? This course is for you.

    Are you a lifelong learner who simply wants to brush up on your grammar? This course is for you.

    Thank you for your interest in English Grammar Basics. If you’re ready to learn more and sign up for the course, click the enroll button and dive into the lessons. You can also check out the lessons that are free to preview.

    See you on the inside!

    Who is the target audience?

    Students wanting to improve their English grammar in their writing
    Intermediate and advanced ESL or ELL students who want to improve their English grammar
    Students studying for an English grammar test
    Writers wanting to brush up on their grammar
    Anyone who wants a refresher in English grammar

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