SolidWorks 2018 SP5.0 Full Premium Multilanguage Integrated x64

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    SolidWorks 2018 SP5.0 Full Premium Multilanguage Integrated x64 [2018, Multi + RUS]

    Local Activation on Client Computers:

    0. Before installation, block the outgoing Internet access by means of Windows
    Firewall or cord plug. Check .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 are installed. If
    .NET Framework 3.5 (including 2.0) is not installed, go to
    "Control Panel" -> "Programs and Features" -> "Turn Windows features on or off" ->
    -> select ".NET Framework 3.5 (including 2.0)"

    1. Unzip the _SolidSQUAD_ folder into arbitrary writeable folder like (C:\Temp)

    2. Run "SolidWorks.2017-2018.Activator.SSQ.exe" as administrator (right-click on file)

    2.1 Press Press "1. Set Serial Numbers" button, select "Force Local Activation Serial Numbers"
    from drop-down list and press "Accept Serial Numbers""

    2.2 Press "Activate Licenses" button, select "SolidWorks 2018 Products" from drop-down
    list, select products to activate by toggling "Activate" or "Skip" on every product
    and "Details" to tweak features if required. Press "Activate Licenses" to activate
    licenses. SolidWorks PDM Professional license (ex Enterprise PDM) license will be
    also generated and prompted to save on disk as "sw_d.lic"

    2.3 Close activator window

    3. Install SolidWorks 2018 (including PDM Client if required). Dont install SolidNetwork
    License Server (SNL).

    3.1 If the System Check Warning window appears, ignore it (click Next to continue)

    3.2 If the warning "SolidWorks Serial number was not found in activation database "appears,
    ignore it (click OK to continue)

    3.3 If the full list of SW products to install is not visible,
    click "Select different package" and tick option
    "Select products not included in this package"

    3.4 Select SW products to be installed

    3.5 If the "The Installation Manager was unable to determine the current subscription
    expiration date. Would you like to reactivate your license to update this information?"
    appears, press No and press Yes in "Do you want to do it later?" prompt.

    4. After installation is complete, run activator as administrator (right-click on file)

    4.1 Press "3. Copy Loaders" button, select "SolidWorks 2018 Products" and press
    "Copy Loaders" button to confirm. All running services related to SolidWorks will be
    stopped and loader fixes copied to appropriate directories.

    4.2 Press "4. Activate Express Products" button, select "SolidWorks Xpress 2018 Products"
    and press "Activate Xpress Products (RUN FOR EVERY USER)"

    4.3 (OPTIONAL) If activation of eDrawings Professional and SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Viewer
    is required, press "Activate Other Products" and press "Activate" button to confirm.

    4.4 Close activator

    5. (OPTIONAL) Use generated PDM Professional license file to feed SNL License Server as described
    in "PDM / License Server Activation". If no PDM will be used, skip the step

    6. Reboot computer
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