RevisionFX RE:Map for AE 3.0.4

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    RevisionFX RE:Map for AE 3.0.4

    Easily rerender UV maps in post to save 3D rendering time! RE:Map also provides inverse UV mapping and corner pinning.

    E:Map Features:

    Texture map in post

    Use a UV map rendered from a 3D system to easily clean up or replace texture maps in your compositing program for without having to re-render in your 3D system.

    Work in both directions

    RE:Map also allows you to use a photo, and a matching 3D object, and create the texture map you need for your 3D render system.

    Quality distortion tools

    Includes tools for corner pinning and 2D displacement mapping.

    Feature Specs

    High quality filtering

    High quality filtering of images which includes supersampling and mipmapping. Advanced feature to deal with antialiased UV edges and areas where a section of an object crosses another part of the object.

    Replace and rerender

    Reapply new texture sequences in order to reuse animated UV maps for cool animations and transitions. Adjust, color correct, edit, then reapply your textures for your 3D animated objects without having to rerender in the 3D system.

    Iterate Faster

    Combine UV maps and textures in post, without having to re-render in your 3D system.

    Inverse UV Mapping

    Paint or align textures in 2D to match your 3D rendered image and inversely project the image to make a texture map for use in your 3D system or with RE:Map UV

    Corner pinning

    Maps or inverse maps a perspective plane defined by 4 points (also known as corner pinning).

    Displacement mapping

    Warps an image with a user-supplied displacement map, using many more options and advanced filtering controls than most other displacement map filters.


    Ability to take a color image and automatically distort it based on the features for a caricature-like effect.

    GPU accelerated

    This product is GPU accelerated.

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