Unity Asset - MegaSplat 1.62 x64

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    Unity Asset - MegaSplat 1.62 x64

    Unity Asset - MegaSplat 1.62 x64
    MegaSplat allows you to map up to 256 different textures on Unity Terrains or Meshes. Unlike other map mapping methods, MegaSplat has an agreed shader cost, no matter how many textures you use, and in fact can be more efficient than traditional methods that allow you to draw several textures! Textures are mixed using the height resolution, which makes the transitions natural.

    Year / Date of Issue: 05/28/2018

    Version: 1.62

    Developer: Jason Booth

    Developer's site: _https: //www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#! / Content / 76166

    Bit depth: 64bit

    Language: English

    Tabletka: not required

    System requirements: Unity 5.4.0 or higher


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