Unity Asset MapMagic World Generator 1.9.1 x64

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    السلام عليكم

    Unity Asset MapMagic World Generator 1.9.1 x64

    A node based on a procedural and infinite generator of game cards.

    Each node on the graph represents a terrain or an object-generator: noise, crow, mixture, curve, erosion, scattering, forest, etc. As soon as the nodes are connected, magic happens: the game map will be created without human participation.

    There is no need for painstaking work, sculpture and drawing vast landscapes, placing thousands of objects, drawing grass fields: just give your orders to the plug-in as a graph of nodes, and it will automatically create a map!

    Support for multiple biomes: forests, deserts, snow-covered plains, jungles and other types of landscapes with different graphs can be mixed together.

    Year / Date of Issue: 08/03/2018

    Version: 1.9.1

    Developer: Denis Pahunov

    Developer's site: _https: //assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/terrain/mapmagic-world-generator-56762

    Bit depth: 64bit

    Language: English

    Tabletka: not required

    System requirements: Unity 5.6.4 or higher