Collection interior: bathrooms, offices, student rooms, offices, meeting rooms, bedrooms

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    تشكيلة واسعة وضخمة من الموديلات المتنوعة

    مكاتب وغرف نوم وغرف الانتظاروالاجتماعات والدراسة والحمامات والمطاعم والكافيه وغرف السفرة

    Collection interior:

    bathrooms, offices,studentrooms,offices,meeting rooms,waiting rooms, foyers,bedrooms, nurseries,dining rooms,cafes, restaurants

    Version: 3D Studio Max 2009

    Format: .max

    Quantity: 121 scene

    The presence of light sources: there

    The presence of the textures: is not available in all the scenes (shown below) is partly in Chinese

    Render: V-Ray

    Render Settings: yes

    And why I do not open texture: remove the squares in the names of files and folders to copy the path to the textures, or set yourself Chinese

    if open in max, just put the texture in the folder, which will be located next to the file of the scene. For example, if the file is in the stage D: / .... blah blah blah ... / Interiors / file.max, the texture should be either in the same folder (which is inconvenient) or D: / .. ..bla blah blah ... / Interiors / textures /, for example. The name is not important. In this case, Max picks up on the machine. Either way prescribed to textures in Users paths

    Scenes bathrooms, offices, student rooms - textures are in 20 of the 27

    Scenes offices, meeting rooms and waiting 14 pcs - with texture

    8Scenes interior offices, lobby, meeting room - with texture

    Scene interior IKEA, with branded furniture - Max 2009 -- Vray 1.5SP4a - with texture

    Classic interiors bedrooms 3 piece - without textures

    Child's room 2 units - with texture

    The interior dining rooms of 55 pieces with texture

    The interior dining areas 4 pieces - texture there in 2 out of 4

    The interiors of cafes and restaurants 4 pieces - with texture

    Interior designed in a classic style and an additional set of classic furniture for the interior - no texture

    2Luxurious interior done in the classical style - with texture




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