Signals and Systems with MATLAB

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  • smart88
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    • Nov 2018 

    The fully comprehensive text covers most of the theoretical foundations and mathematical derivations that will be used in higher-level related subjects such as signal processing, communication, and control, minimizing the mathematical difficulty and computational burden.

    Complying actively with the requirement by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) on integrating computer tools, it illustrates the usage of MATLAB and Simulink for signal and system analysis and design.

    The ideas are developed gradually with continual reference to the practical situations where they would be applicable. Many worked examples have been included in order to help develop the idea and to illustrate the material as it is presented. Throughout the book continuous-time and discrete-time signals/systems have been developed in parallel to save the time/space for explaining the two similar ones as far as there is no concern over confusion.

    Download File dsp 3540929533 pdf
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