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    Altium Designer 24.6.1 x64

    Altium Designeris an integrated computer-aided design (CAD) system for electronic equipment developed by the Australian company Altium. Previously, the same company developed P-CAD, which gained extraordinary popularity among Russian PCB designers. Altium Designer is a powerful system that allows you to implement electronic designs at the level of a circuit or program code, and then transfer information to an FPGA or printed circuit board.

    A distinctive feature of the program is the design structure and end-to-end integrity of development at different levels of design. In other words, design changes at the board level can be instantly transferred to the FPGA or circuit level and vice versa. Also, as a priority for the developers of this program, it is worth noting the integration of ECAD and MCAD systems.

    Variant Manager
    Meet the demands of a globalized market that requires unique versions of your PCBs

    Manufacturer Part Search
    Reduce design time by eliminating your component creation process

    Layer Stackup Design
    Manage More Than Your PCB Layer Stack

    Intuitive Multi-Board System Design
    The easiest way to create complex designs and error-free system interconnections

    Unparalleled Schematic Capture
    Easily capture schematics of any complexity

    Supply Chain Intelligence
    Access critical supply chain intelligence as you design

    Real-Time BOM Management with ActiveBOM®
    Manage components, suppliers, and sourcing data right in Altium Designer

    Best in Class Interactive Routing
    Perform fast, high-quality routing for any electronics projects

    Professional PCB Drawings in Minutes
    The only software you need for PCB design and documentation

    Certainty for Every Decision with SPICE Simulation
    Design, validate, and verify even the most advanced schematics without leaving your design environment

    High-Speed PCB Design
    Simple solutions to high-speed design challenges

    File size: 3.27 GB

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