Shape Key Selector V1.0 - Blender 3.0+ Addon

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    Shape Key Selector V1.0 - Blender 3.0+ Addon

    Shape Key Selector allows you to choose your model’s shape keys from an intuitive,
    customisable visual menu. It doesn’t require ANY rigging! You can sculpt/model your
    character’s expressions and then use the Selectors to choose an expression.

    With one click, all of the images, selectors and drivers will be set up, allowing you to
    quickly and easily choose your character’s expressions and start animating! I designed this
    addon to make facial animation more accessible to people, as rigging a face is a very complex process.

    Rigging a character’s body is pretty easy, but face rigging is a whole process of its own and
    it can go wrong at so many stages. However, making shape keys for your expressions allows you to
    create much finer details like wrinkles, creases, dimples etc. that would be a nightmare to do
    with a face rig because they would entirely rely on your weight painting skills.


    Size: 2 MB