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    Arroway – Design | Craft Vol.3 (Heavy Fabrics)

    This collection offers 50 fabric textures within a broad range of types and styles.
    We focused mostly on standard types to create textures with great versatility that can be easily customized for various purposes.

    50 fabric textures
    Textures consists of diffuse, normal, bump, reflectivity, translucency*, opacity* and anisotropy* maps (* for some textures)
    15 or more color variations for every material, 751 variations in total
    Large area of 100 cm x 100 cm per material
    Map resolution 8000px x 8000px at over 200dpi
    Diffuse maps in high-quality JPEG format; all other maps in lossless compressed PNG format
    1038 .png and .jpg files in total

    Ready-to-use material setups for Corona Renderer™ (for 3ds Max™ 2020+)
    Material variants for translucent/opaque and normal/displacement mapping (2884 materials in total)

    Size: 28.5 GB