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    Finite Element Analysis. SolidWorks Simulation. P4: WELDING

    Elevate your capabilities exponentially in FEA by managing WELDING when using the FINITE ELEMENT METHOD (FEM)

    What you'll learn:
    Manage WELDING CONNECTIONS to improve your level exponentially in FEA
    Use WELDING CONNECTIONS to have accurate FEA Simulation Models
    Your FEA Models will be much more realistic
    Increase your confident in your FEA Simulations
    Make a difference concerning your competitors

    Finite Element Analysis. SolidWorks Simulation. RealProjects. PART I, II & III. Carlos Aragonés Udemy Profile
    SolidWorks Licence 2022 or newer version
    Willing to face new challenges to empower your professional career
    Basic knowledge of SolidWorks CAD

    Welcome Back to the Finite Element Analysis World!
    Let me first congratulate you on your interest in improving your level in this fantastic field which will empower your professional career to the next level.
    As we were reviewing in previous courses, after my years of experience, I could experience all the benefits for different industries when they use the Finite Element Method (FEM) during the development process.

    They produce better and efficient designs that save time and, most importantly, save MONEY.
    This is a fact: The demand of FEA professionals is continuously increasing, so we need to encourage people to join us in this field.
    Therefore, I designed previous courses to take you from a complete beginner in FEA to a confident simulation professional, equipped with all the essential skills.

    Moving then to more advanced techniques in Contact Interactions and Bolted Connections.
    You will find these courses in my Udemy's Profile: Finite Element Analysis.
    SolidWorks Simulation. RealProjectsFinite Element Analysis.

    SolidWorks Simulation.
    P2: CONTACTS Finite Element Analysis.
    SolidWorks Simulation.
    P3: BOLTS And now, we are going to continue exploring more advanced models that will require the use of advanced techniques in FEA.
    In this specific case, you will learn how to manage with WELDING CONNECTIONS But the important thing here is that I am not going to just show you what clicks you need to do to define a Weld in FEA.

    Here we are going to explore each parameter you need to know and calculate to be ensure your welds have the proper configuration.

    And, achieve a good behavior of your FEA Simulation models.

    Throughout the course, you will master the following techniques:UNDERSTAND WHAT IS A WELDING CONNECTION IN FEA
    How connectos in FEA save us a huge amount of time and computational costMain types of EDGE WELD CONNECTIONS in FEA.

    What is the purpose of each of these Edge Welds Connectors configuration and when to use them Simulate Real cases where you will apply each of them.THE OTHER PROCESS OF WELDING SPOT WELD CONNECTORS Main Industries where this process of welding is used.

    FEA limints to simulate Spot Weld Connectors.
    Explanation Calculation and Definition Interpreting
    You will face new problems that you can find when defining your FEA model due to: Complex Geometry Advance tools in FEA Combination of Solid and Shell Elements Meshing and Solver requirements.

    We will apply all that concepts and knowledge to more complete projects.

    PROJECT 01: Flat Back Elbow PROJECT 02: Forklift Front Axle PROJECT 02: Car B-Pillar We will start from the easiest definition and go through all the cases as we progress during this course.

    Showing you how to speed up the process of definition and increase your efficiency by very cool METHODOLOGIES.

    I want to practice with you how to analyze each of the and REAL SCENARIOS to know how to respond when you find different problems in your future projets.

    In addition, I will guide you to calculate the proper parameters to have the correct configuration for your welds and so your project will have the correct behaviour to be analysed.
    As always, the key is to LEARN BY DOING and that is exactly what we are going to do here.

    With all the examples that we are going to review, you will obtain a CRITERIA and CAPABILITIES to manage with scenarios during your future projects with confidence.So, Get ready to continue exploring advanced problems in FEA.

    See you inside!

    Who this course is for:
    Engineers, technicians and 3D designers who want to increase their capabilities in the FEA World

    Published 5/2024
    Created by Carlos Aragonés
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 32 Lectures ( 6h 0m ) | Size: 3.75 GB