Peregrine Labs Yeti 5.0.0 Maya 2023-2024

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    Peregrine Labs Yeti 5.0.0 Maya 2023-2024 Win x64

    Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, V-Ray 6.20, Renderman 25.2, Redshift 3.5.24

    Changes & Bug Fixes
    improved VP2.0 shading for more realistic interactive lighting feedback.
    XGen Interactive Grooms can now be imported into Yeti graphs.
    added a new Groom sampler which can be used to sample attributes from input Grooms and referenced by parameters in the graph.
    Groom sampler can take a specialized “length” attribute which samples the groom strands length.
    Groom deformation layers are now animatable.
    internal optimizations and refactoring that improve overall performance.
    due to optimizations in how weights are computed we’ve removed all weight caching that was previously implemented, this should reduce memory usage considerably for large/dense systems.
    fibres lengths can be adjusting using the new Set Length and Length Value parameter’s in the Geometric Tab of the Attribute node.
    Interactive renders now render from memory vs. using a temporary disk cache.
    implemented Feather curve attribute multipliers, these can modulate the overall effect of the curve based parameters and also provide a _mult attribute (ie. feather_width_mult) in the graph allowing graph based modulation.
    added new transferAttribute command that will transfer attributes (including Length) between grooms.
    added Barb Density ramp to feather object to modulate density along the length of a feather.
    the File node defaults to $time vs $F for Frame Time.
    updated groom viewport representation to improve strand visibility.
    added a brush randomness parameter to randomize grooming strokes.
    exported attribute textures are now written as 32 bit vs 8 bit.
    added marking menus for various Maya nodes.
    added Attraction parameter to Clump node to allow expression and curve Samplers to be applied more easily to control the shape of individual clumps.
    Groom component editing now supports soft selection and weighted transformation.
    Groom strand creation can be controlled by segment count as well as segment length.
    Correct weighted soft selection feedback for Feathers in Maya Viewport.
    added strand transparency and strand width controls to Maya Groom node.
    implemented support for VRay IPR via new VRay export API.
    Arnold extension is now initialized in parallel, this can be turned off by setting the environment variable YETI_ARNOLD_SERIAL_INIT to 1.
    ported all random numbers to Rand48 for better non-repetitive characteristics.
    a memory leak visible during Alembic Export when using texture files has been resolved.
    updated pgYetiMaya.mod file to add environment variable configuration for rendering extensions.
    updated to VRay 6.20.
    updated to Redshift 3.5.24.
    toggling a selected nodes ignore state will be applied to all other selected nodes (and only within a selection).

    File Size: 66.6 MB