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    Prime Draft 1.3.1

    Whether you are writing a book, blog, or essay, getting started is always the hardest part. Lack of focus, constant distractions, and editing the same paragraph over and over again, can all take the fun out of writing. Created by Writers for Writers, Prime Draft is ideal for writing your first draft, rough draft, or just for getting your thoughts onto the page. Featuring a fullscreen display and a unique mode of writing, Prime Draft can help you reach new levels of creativity and focus when writing.

    Unique Writing Mode
    Prime Draft puts all your focus into one thing: writing the next sentence. It might seem normal to edit our writing during the first draft. But each time we edit, we switch into a critical state of mind, losing momentum, inspiration and the mindset we need to write at our best. Prime Draft is all about getting your first draft done faster and better.

    In Prime Draft you only see the most recent lines of text, showing you only what you need to write the next sentence. Once that sentence is complete, it becomes uneditable. Prime Draft keeps you in the creative mindset and avoids the critical mindset, encouraging you to get into the writing flow and stay in it.

    Calm and Creative
    Research has shown that different colors can boost creativity, calmness and focus. Prime Draft allows you to not just select the color of your font, but also the color of the page itself. Using Prime Draft’s science-backed design and its numerous customization options, you can create a fullscreen writing environment that fully immerses you in your writing.

    Effortless Tracking
    Prime Draft allows you to set a goal for each file you create and automatically monitors your progress against that goal. You can target a total word count, writing time, or even set daily goals. Want to write 500 words a day for the next month? With an in-built calendar and to-do list, Prime Draft will always let you know how much progress you’ve made and what you need to do next. Prime Draft saves you time by doing the tracking for you.

    Writing Motivation
    Prime Draft can give real accountability to your writing goals. Any target you set for a file can be enforced. This means you have to fully achieve your writing target before you can export your writing out of the app. Prime Draft can convert your writing targets into real commitments, helping motivate you to write until you reach your goal. Prime Draft can motivate you to write every day and build the writing habit.

    And Much More...

    No Lock In
    Prime Draft keeps it simple and exports all your writing in plain text format, leaving you free to use the software of your choice when you are ready to edit your draft.

    Multiple Themes
    With both a light and dark theme, Prime Draft will always match the look of your operating system.

    System Requirements
    - OS: Windows 10 version 14316.0 or higher
    - Architecture: x64

    Microsoft Store - Full Version

    Languages: English
    File Size: 80.2 MB