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  • Saadedin
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    Earth 3D Suite 2023.312.953.0

    Earth 3D Suite is all in one Earth app for Windows PC. This app includes Google Earth 3d, OpenStreetMap, Zoom Earth, Stellarium and Marble. With all this you can view Earth on 3d, Edit Maps, View recents Maps, Virtual Planetarium with Stellarium and with Marble you can view Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars and other planets to display as a 3-D model. With this app you can search any place in the World in 3d view on any services in app. Explore any location just like real view. You can use street view too.

    - Google Earth on Windows PC
    - Street View
    - View in Full Screen

    New Features
    - Added OpenStreetMap, Zoom Earth, Stellarium and Marble
    - Added Earth 3D Suite

    System Requirements
    - OS: Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher
    - Architecture: x86

    * Windows 10S mode is not supported.

    Microsoft Store - Full Version

    Languages: Multilingual
    File Size: 419 MB



  • dhofargate
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    • May 2020 

    جزاك الله كل خير حاولت انزله وماضبط.. ممكن حد يرفعه على موقع اخر

    • dhofargate
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      جزاكم الله كل خير الان انتبهت بانه يجب الاشتراك ..