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    SYNCHRO 4D - Virtual Construction & Planning

    Learn Digital Twin applied to infrastructures using SYNCHRO 4D - Microstation software for BIM projects

    What you'll learn
    Construction management process
    SYNCHRO software
    Tasks, scheduling, resources
    Construction process animation


    In this course we are going through basics of Bentley Synchro 4D (Time), focused on construction sequencing to help you to plan and monitor your project more effectively.It is introductory to intermediate level course starting with basics and move gradually towards advance topics by learning commands and doing practice exercises.

    This course is appropriate for anyone (egineers, architects, BIM modelers and managers) involved in construction delivery - including planners and schedulers, virtual design coordinators, and project managers. The course will introduce you to 4D scheduling in SYNCHRO.The course starts with an introduction, overview and user interface / navigation in Bentley Synchro 4D.In the sections 2-3, we try to cover up all the means to import data into Synchro 4D like Schedules and 3D Models.

    Includes a serie of sessions related to filters followed by a practice exercise. After this, you may understand the concepts of scheduling and resources along with a practice exercise to get a better understanding.In the section 4-5 of this course, we learn about appearance profiles, growth simulations, sub-divisions, and equipment transformation.

    After a few topics, we do practice exercises to revise and sharpen the concepts learned recently.In sections 6-7, we learn how to animate, render and report the timeline using export animation feature.

    Please be noted that there is no hard and fast rule to execute a specific command as there are multiple approaches to create similar output, however, we try to follow the simplest approach possible to make this course easy and fun to learn for you.#... - Content descriptionSECTION 1.


    Lecture 1: Introduction
    Lecture 2: User Interface
    Lecture 3: Advance OptionsSECTION 2. Creating model and filtering
    Lecture 4: Getting Started
    Lecture 5: Importing Schedule
    Lecture 6: Importing 3D Model
    Lecture 7: Filters - I (Tasks)
    Lecture 8: Filters - II (Tables)
    Lecture 9: Filters - III (3D Model)
    Lecture 10: Practice ExerciseSECTION3. Scheduling and resources management
    Lecture 11: Basic Scheduling
    Lecture 12: Updating Schedule
    Lecture 13: Linking Tasks in Schedule
    Lecture 14: Assigning Resources to Tasks
    Lecture 15: Assigning 3D Models to Tasks
    Lecture 16: Practice ExerciseSECTION 4. Profile and resurces to task command
    Lecture 17: Appearance Profile
    Lecture 18: Resources to Tasks Command
    Lecture 19: Practice ExerciseSECTION 5. Creating a sub-division and tasks to equipment
    Lecture 20: Sub-Division
    Lecture 21: Addition and Transformation of Equipment resource
    Lecture 22: Assigning Tasks to Equipment
    Lecture 23: Practice ExerciseSECTION 6. Creating path
    Lecture 24: How to make a 3D Path
    Lecture 25: Editing 3D Path
    Lecture 26: 3D Path Creation
    Lecture 27: Practice ExerciseSECTION 7. Animation and rendering
    Lecture 28: Camera Animation
    Lecture 29: Focus Time Animation
    Lecture 30: 3D Properties Animation
    Lecture 31: Rendering Animation
    Lecture 32: Report from Animation

    Who this course is for
    Civil engineers
    BIM modelers
    3D modelers
    Industrial engineers
    Bentley / Microstation / Autodesk software users

    Last updated 11/2022
    Created by ... Academy,Golgi Alvarez
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 33 Lectures ( 3h 20m ) | Size: 2.04 GB


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