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    EaseUS Todo Backup Home 2024 v16.0.0 Build 20231129 Multilingual

    Losing data is very discouraging. To protect data, regular backup makes sense. EaseUS Todo Backup is a reliable data backup software for home users, backing up and restoring files fast on a Windows-based computer.

    File Backup
    Easily run an automated backup on your directories & files, compress file images to save space, and encrypt files to protect privacy.

    System Backup
    Back up Windows system along with user settings, create a bootable backup, restore your system quickly once it crashes.

    Disk/Partition Backup
    Back up disk/partition at a block level, while data stored on it is ever-increasing and updated. No impact on the existing disk running.

    Security Zone Backup to Prevent Malware
    The security zone is a partition that stores backup files created by Todo Backup, and once created, it will be set as an inaccessible partition so that malware or ransomware cannot affect the backup files in the zone.

    Smart Backup
    EaseUS believes that you will never try to back up until it's just as easy as a few clicks away.
    Smart backup makes it. Just choose your files/folders, save the backup task, and realize file protection. No extra steps required.

    Back up every half an hour provided any changes to your data. Every 7 days, a full backup is completed.

    Select files/folders, right-click in Window Explorer and add them to Smart Backup directly.

    Keep protecting while data is frequently changed or updated. Use and access your data anytime, anywhere.

    System Clone
    System clone is to duplicate your operating system to another hard drive, USB, or other storage media.
    Cloning features in EaseUS backup software makes it easy for you to migrate system to a new disk and upgrade your current system.
    Clone to create a bootable system drive, get the system back to work in an emergency, and avoid any downtime.

    Migrate OS to SSD/HDD
    Copy your system drive to an SSD/HDD, or clone your HDD to an SSD without reinstalling Windows, migrate and set the system to boot from the cloned drive.

    Schedule backup
    Set up an automated backup schedule upon time or event.

    Backup method
    Support full, incremental, differential backup methods.

    Image reserve strategy
    Preserve or merge useful backup images. Auto delete out-of-date images.

    Compress backup images at different levels to save disk space.

    Encrypt backups, protect your confidential information.

    Email notification
    Send you an email on time to keep you informed of backup status.

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