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  • Saadedin
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    TechSmith SnagIt 2024.0.2.909 (x64) Multilingual

    Screen capture loved by over 40 million people. Snagit is the ultimate screen capture and recording software for anyone who wants to look good, work smarter, and communicate clearly.

    Easy to use, but full of advanced features
    Don't let clumsy built-in tools hold you back. Snagit's comprehensive feature set makes it the top screen capture software for professionals.

    Scrolling capture
    Quickly capture images of anything and everything on your computer screen, even scrolling areas.

    Simplify UI
    Transform screenshots into simplified user interface (SUI) graphics in a single click.

    Say goodbye to the chaos and let Snagit keep your content effortlessly organized and synced across devices.
    Filter and sort by date, file type, and application
    Sync to Google Drive, OneDrive, and more
    Tag images and videos

    Smart move
    Snagit automatically recognizes elements in your screenshot, granting you the magical ability to rearrange or remove UI elements.

    Text recognition
    Magically edit the text within an image, screenshot, or scanned document. You can even adjust the font, text size, and color.

    Capture anything, exactly how you want it
    This is the capture window where you can effortlessly customize and save your capture settings.

    Image capture
    Capture your full screen, a specific region, fixed image size, or scrolling area.

    Video recording
    Record video of all or part of your screen, plus your camera.

    Audio recording
    Record microphone and system audio.

    Custom presets
    Create custom presets and keyboard shortcuts for your go-to captures.

    Unleash your creativity with the ultimate built-in editor
    Effortlessly transform your captures into polished, professional-quality images with easy-to-use templates and mark-up tools.

    File size: 513 MB



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