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    Dynamo For Multi-Storey Buildings Documentation

    Real world examples from practice for automating boring tasks with a focus on multi-storey buildings

    What you'll learn
    Use DynamoBIM for practical purposes focused on multi-storey Buildings
    Dynamo Player and custom UI for maximum efficiency in re-using the Dynamo Graphs
    Trouble-shooting and problem solving
    The basis of using Python Nodes and Revit API in Dynamo

    Some experience using Autodesk Revit and DynamoBIM - Ideally go through the "Dynamo from Zero to Hero" course first
    Willingness to recreate the examples before checking the sample files

    Creating documentation in Revit can be a real headache.
    From manually creating views to renaming parameters, it's a time-consuming process that demotivates even the most skilled professionals.

    But we have a solution!
    With Dynamo, you can automate these tasks exactly the way your company needs, without relying on expensive plugins.

    And here's the best part – no extensive coding knowledge required! Batch renaming, batch duplicating views, setting parameters – all of it and much more, automated with Dynamo.Imagine saving 40 to 90 percent of your time, depending on your company's specifics.

    No more human errors, just consistent, efficient processes.
    This means more time for architects and engineers to focus on the truly important aspects of their work – the creative and strategic thinking.
    In this course, we're diving deep into different ways of creating and renaming views, utilizing Dynamo Player and custom user interface for optimal efficiency.
    Plus, we'll show you how to automatically set parameters like mirrored status, door hinge directions, and elements' affiliation with areas and scope boxes.
    The examples in this course are real-world examples covering the needs for multi story apartment or office buildings, that you can directly apply.
    You will get the knowledge to modify them to your own needs and create new automation for your projects.
    This course requires previous experience with Revit and Dynamo.
    Ideally you’d have passed the Dynamo from zero to hero course, available here on Udemy.

    The course is delivered in many examples with the idea that the student follows along.
    Exercise files are provided with almost every lecture.Ideally, every lecture should be viewed as an assignment.
    Don't go to the next one until you have tried yourself what is shown.
    That way you can keep up with the new information and not get overwhelmed.
    We're taking a practical approach - the examples given are parts of scripts that are currently used in companies and save them a lot of time.

    Your instructor:has 13 years of daily experience using Revit,has 10 years of experience using Dynamo and Python and currently
    develops plugins using the Revit API.

    He has worked in a range of projects from apartment buildings to airports and infrastructure.
    His scripts are used in multiple major architectural and engineering companies around the world.
    By the end of the course, you will be able to code your own Python Nodes and use the Revit API.
    You will have a better knowledge of how Revit works internally and how you can automate its processes.
    The course is intense, but you're covered. You can ask questions here on Udemy or in our special Facebook group

    Section 1: Introduction

    Lecture 1 Start Here

    Lecture 2 Introduction

    Lecture 3 Model Overview

    Lecture 4 Python Versions in Dynamo

    Section 2: Rename Views

    Lecture 5 Rename View2 001

    Lecture 6 Rename Views 002

    Lecture 7 Rename Views 003

    Lecture 8 Rename View 004 - Revit 2023

    Section 3: Dynamo Player

    Lecture 9 Dynamo Player 2023

    Lecture 10 Dynamo Player 2023 Descriptions

    Lecture 11 Dynamo Player Suffix & Prefix

    Lecture 12 Dynamo Player 2020 file from 2023

    Lecture 13 User Interface with Data Shapes

    Lecture 14 Dynamo Player in Revit 2024

    Section 4: Set Parameters

    Lecture 15 Parameter By Scope Box 01

    Lecture 16 Parameter By Scope Box 02

    Lecture 17 Parameter By Group

    Lecture 18 Parameter By Group Solution for UI

    Lecture 19 Parameter from Area

    Lecture 20 Parameter from Area - No Protogeometry

    Lecture 21 Set Mirrored

    Lecture 22 Set Door Hinge Direction

    Section 5: Duplicate Views

    Lecture 23 Duplicate Views 01

    Lecture 24 Duplicate Views 02 - User Interface

    Lecture 25 Duplicate Views 03 - Testing and Implementation

    Everyone who uses Revit and wants to unleash the power of Dynamo for practical purposes,Revit users that want to step up their Dynamo skills,Anyone who wants to see real-world implementation of Dynamo graphs in apartment buildings

    Published 11/2023
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 4.05 GB | Duration: 5h 0m


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