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    ZSoil 2023 v23.54 (x64)

    ZSoil is the Windows-Based Finite Element Software offering a unified approach to numerical simulation of soil and rock mechanics, above & underground structures, excavations, soil-structure interaction and underground flow, including dynamics, thermal and moisture migration analysis.

    ZSoil is available for Windows 10 & 11.

    ZSOIL is the first integrated computer code that offered a unified approach to most of the natural processes encountered in geotechnical and foundation engineering, including stability, consolidation, creep and underground flow, excavations and soil-structure interactions.

    Typical engineering problems that are being handled worldwide with ZSOIL are: foundation and earthwork construction, include tunnels, underground storage facilities, metro stations, mining, cut or fill in highways, railroads, dams, temporary and final retaining structures, water-front and excavation systems with complex excavation sequences, hydraulic structures, and buildings.

    ZSOIL is a continuously upgraded geotechnical, foundation and underground flow engineering software based on the finite-element method and written in the MS-Windows environment.
    The program has been used with great success in forensic analysis and design studies, covering without exception all possible scenarios encountered in real world case studies.

    ZSOIL has been developed at Zace Services Ltd since 1982.
    The latest versions were developed by a team led by A.Truty, K.Podles & Th.Zimmermann, with research experience at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), U.C.Berkeley, and Caltech.

    File Size: 0.98 GB



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