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    Carlosn Layout v1.09

    Carlosn Layout - a program on the Android platform is an effective, affordable and easy-to-use solution for working in the field with GNNS receivers, engineering and robotic total stations. Layout is built on Carlson's expertise in field software solutions and proven technical support.

    What makes Layout unique is its support for the largest list of popular and new survey equipment, the ability to perform coordinate geometry tasks in the field, and work with a variety of file formats, including DWG and DXF.


    Supports most well-known GNSS receivers and total stations

    Intuitive user interface requires less learning curve

    Full support for working with DXF and DWG drawing files based on the new IntellICAD mobile graphics core

    Supports all Carlson coordinate system libraries

    Compatible with standard Carlson CRD and CRDB coordinate file formats

    Ability to use Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storage for easy project sharing

    Ability to use Google maps, OpenStreeMap, ArcGIS or local services as a background

    Receive GNSS RTK corrections via mobile phone, built-in modem, built-in or external radio

    Stake out points using surfaces (DTM) or fixed marks

    Breakdown by distance and offset from a line in a drawing or between points

    Easily check surface elevations (DEMs) or fixed elevations without creating points

    Size: 303 MB