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    Icon Data v1.15

    ICON DATA II metal detector data logger purpose is to create images of targets in 2D & 3D viewing ability. Any metal detector or magnetometer that operates in static audio mode also known as “non motion” is compatible with the ICON DATA II metal detector data logger (A true non motion metal detector does not need movement of the coil to generate audio signal. Also, the signal will not fade out, but rather get stronger when approaching the target and will continue to sound even if the coil remains motionless over it). Watch our youtube video “compatible metal detectors for Icon Data logger” https://youtu.be/S8pxkF8tiHU to define between “motion” & “non motion” audio modes. Examples of traditional type non motion metal detectors are all Pulse Induction detectors with frame coil such as Lorenz Deepmax series, GEOSENSIS X3, Deeptech Ground Pioneer 4500, Stinger, Pulse star II Pro, Superscan, Delta Pulse and others…Also JW Fishers Pulse 6x or Pulse 8x, Aquapulse AQ1B. 2-Box style metal detectors such as Whites TM-808, Gemini III, some older / newer VLF with VCO audio style detectors like XP Deus, White’s XLT.

    Now using Icon Data logger these detectors can be updated with real time 3D imaging just like a ground radar. The ICON DATA II unit reads hundreds detector signals every second. The signals are converted to digital data and transmitted through a wireless connection on an Android tablet. From there the underground image is displayed by the supplied application. An Android tablet can also be ordered preconfigured with ICON DATA II logger app. The ICON DATA II logger displays the detected target image immediately while the user operates the metal detector in the field. No complex controls to fumble around with, no stopping to download, and no time wasted.

    Download: http://ban.damasgate.com/one/2023/08...Data.v1.15.rar

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