Bentley MicroStation 2023 CONNECT Edition version online installer

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    Bentley MicroStation 2023 CONNECT Edition version online installer

    MicroStation is the fastest, most affordable and interoperable CAD platform for designing, building and operating the world's infrastructure.

    You probably know that 95% of the world's infrastructure is designed, built and maintained using DGN and DWG files. With MicroStation, users can directly edit the contents of both file formats at the same time. This capability makes MicroStation a must-have interoperability platform.

    MicroStation is also an innovation platform at the center of a full range of vertical software applications, providing users with the ability to customize applications using VBA, as well as the ability to "grow vertically" with highly specialized solutions to increase productivity while maintaining complete data integrity across the project.

    With these two considerations alone, it should come as no surprise that MicroStation is being used by everyone, including architects, engineers, mappers, and contractors on architecture, construction, and engineering projects. Due to this, this system becomes the standard for the best designers in the world, who are members of the ENR Global 150 rating.

    Size: 20 MB



  • سالم محمد 125
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    • Feb 2019 

    i want patcher password and name

    • Saadedin
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      Open the file named LAVteam.nfo using Notepad then you will get it all