ThinkAutomation Studio Professional Edition 5.0.960.2

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    ThinkAutomation Studio Professional Edition 5.0.960.2

    Automate your business processes with ThinkAutomation.
    ThinkAutomation powers your business process automation.
    Automate on-premises and cloud-based business processes to cut costs and save time.
    Automate incoming communication channels, monitor databases, react to incoming webhooks, web forms and chat bots.
    Process documents, attachments, local files and other messages sources.

    Parse and extract data from incoming messages and perform business process actions, such as outbound communications, updating on-premises and cloud databases, CRM systems and cloud services, document processing, systems integration and much more.

    With ThinkAutomation, you get an open-ended studio to build your automated workflows without volume limitations, and without paying per process, workflow or 'bot'.

    ThinkAutomation is designed to handle any business process - locally and in the cloud.
    Create simple or complex automations with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, low-code workflow designer.
    You can further extend the capabilities with C# or VB.NET scripting.

    ThinkAutomation can work in any application, on any scale required. Automate your way to efficiency with ThinkAutomation.

    Own your process automation environment end-to-end

    On-premises Installation
    Run ThinkAutomation in your own environment. Access and update on-premises data.

    Connect To The Cloud
    Connect Automations to public web forms. Connect to and update cloud services. Provide a secure gateway to on-premises data.

    Reduce Costs
    Create any number of Automations. Save time & costs by automating business processes. Process unlimited messages without additional costs.

    Popular Workflows

    Email Parsing
    ThinkAutomation is a smart email parsing solution. Monitor your incoming emails, pick up each new message, parse it, pull the relevant data and push to the relevant place. more..

    Document Processing
    ThinkAutomation is great at document processing. Automations can parse email attachments, convert files, extract and upload data, and eliminate the admin that comes with file management. more..

    Database Monitoring
    Use ThinkAutomation to create custom database queries and lookups as part of your workflows. Automations can pull data from your databases and run the required follow-up tasks automatically. more..

    Data Transformation
    ThinkAutomation is a smart data transformation solution. Extract, transform & load data from and to multiple databases, CRM systems and cloud services. more..

    Unified Communications
    Monitor multiple inbound communication channels. ThinkAutomation can ensure the correct response is sent and team members notified. more..

    Web Gateway
    Hookup 3rd party API webhooks, send web form data or create your own public API endpoints that connect to your Automations. more..

    Benefits Of Automation

    Increased Efficiency
    ThinkAutomation automates repetitive tasks and workflows, freeing up employees' time to focus on higher-value activities.

    Improved Accuracy
    Automation reduces the likelihood of errors caused by human input, resulting in more accurate and reliable data.

    Cost Savings
    Automating business processes can significantly reduce operational costs, as it eliminates the need for manual labor and streamlines workflows.

    Enhanced Customer Experience
    ThinkAutomation can improve customer service by automating customer communications, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and issues.

    ThinkAutomation can handle large volumes of data and processes, allowing businesses to scale their operations without adding staff.

    ThinkAutomation's open-ended studio allows for the creation of custom workflows that meet specific business needs and can integrate with existing systems.

    System Requirements
    - Windows 10/11/Server 2016 or higher
    - 500MB free disk space
    - 4GB RAM

    Languages: English
    File Size: 139 MB