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    Kitchen Design in 2020 Design Software-Amazing Kitchens

    2020 Kitchen Design Software basics to advanced-Designing from A to Z in 2020

    What you'll learn
    Kitchen Designers, Cabinet Designers, Remodelers, Contractors, DOI homeowners
    2020 Kitchen Design Software program
    Learn Kitchen Design as it relates to 2020 Kitchen Design Software
    Measuring a remodel home and designing it. Measure new build project and Design it. The basics of design and more advanced designs.


    This class is for beginning kitchen designers to advanced.
    You must have access to the 2020 Kitchen Design software to learn the program.
    The focus is on cabinets, and we will also demonstrate the basics on countertops, however we will not delve into detail on countertops.
    If you have found yourself trying to figure out how to do things in 2020 and frustrated, this course is for you.
    I try to make it as standard and simple as possible.
    We go over the following areas in this class.
    wall drawing, window placement, door placement, ceiling height, terms, cabinet descriptions, cabinet types, using crown molding, buildup of Crown molding and more.
    I try to address all the things that I have learned after 15 years in kitchen design and how to draw it in 2020 design software.
    My goal is to teach a student at any stage things that will help them in their occupation as a Kitchen Designer.
    If you are pursuing this as a career field, I can train you in the program beyond this course and there will be another courses focused on advanced design capabilities in 2020 as well.
    My desire is that you find this class enjoyable and that it helps to get you to where you are confident in design and 2020 software.

    Who this course is for
    Cabinet and Kitchen Designers or those wishing to enter it as a career.

    Published 6/2023
    Created by David Fowler
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 22 Lectures ( 4h 46m ) | Size: 2.75 GB


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