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    . People built bridges to challenge nature where some obstacles like rivers, valleys, or traffic block the way they want to pass through. Our transportation system would not exist without bridges.
    Their existence allows million of people, cars, and trains to travel every day and everywhere they want to go.

    It is obvious that both our economy and our society could not function without the technology of bridge engineering.
    Bridge building is one of the difficult constructional endeavors that both attracts and challenges structural engineers.
    The design of such complex structures requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.
    Depending on the bridge span to be covered, several types of bridge systems exist.
    Examples of bridge systems are beam bridges for short and moderate spans, arch bridges for moderate spans, and cable stayed bridges and suspension bridges for long spans.
    This book covers the design of steel bridges in general with emphasis on bridge systems commonly used to cover short and moderate spans, namely plate girder bridges, box girder bridges, and truss bridges