Inescop Sole 3D v3.0.0.0 for Rhino 5

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    Inescop Sole 3D v3.0.0.0 for Rhino 5

    Inescop Sole3D Shoe design software.
    ICad3DP is the software for 3D sole design with multiple tools for intuitive and simple creation of the different sole elements from a digitised last and through reverse engineering. A complex outsole can be designed to be printed in 3D.

    With flattening tools it is possible to transform 3D surfaces, polysurfaces and meshes into 2D elements to design upon them
    Creation of any type of texture from images, 3D objects upon the 2D flattened element to be applied to the original surface later - on
    Textures can be generated from proprietary procedural images, import of bitmaps, curves or surfaces