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    Geotic Apps 2023 x64

    GeoticCad v1.11.2
    GeoticLog v8.2.12 RC2
    GeoticMine v1.4.8
    GeoticSection v1.0.8

    Geotic - quality geological software designed by geologists for geologists.

    GeoticLog application is used to input survey information. Its user-friendly interface greatly accelerates data input by allowing users to enter titles, summaries and even typical descriptions with the help of dictionaries.
    These dictionaries, which are edited by the users themselves, allow data to be validated when input, minimizing the need for subsequent corrections and ensuring exceptional data quality at all times.
    The information is input and organized in a simple and logical way, making the work even easier.
    The application also generates personalized reports according to your needs.

    Similarly, strip logs can be created.
    The application includes a users’ rights management interface to control data access and make data secure.
    Data is saved in Access or SQL format and organized in an intuitive schematic diagram, making it easier to produce charts and thematic plans.
    These databases can then be used by GeoticGraph to create sections and plan views or they can even be exported to other applications. GeoticLog database is directly linked to GeoticMine, which allow to go back and forth easily.
    Lastly, modules for batch imports/exports, calculating composites, calculating adjusted structures, and QAQC and drilling core photo management integrate with your environment and greatly increase the application’s potential.

    GeoticSection allows plans and section books visualization created from your Geotic database.

    It replaced GeoticGraph in 2022.
    As its predecessor, GeoticSection offers all the flexibility and the functionalities you need to create quality sections, and much more.

    This with the same simplicity as GeoticMine.
    Directly synchronized to GeoticLog, allows importation of 2D section profiles from GeoticSection and GeoticMine.

    GeoticMine is the ideal tool for complex 3D geological modelling directly from Geotic databases.
    Our latest addition supports all the features and objects in our three other software application.
    It is currently the only modelling software that connects a specific point on drill hole trace in a 3D environment with a linearized and geo-referenced photograph in real time.

    The effect is striking.
    Models can be made using sets of polylines and tie lines or automated procedures based on 3D Delaunay-Voronoi triangulation, or a combination of both.
    GeoticMine also include all the features needed for the volumetric integration and interrogation of block models created by geostatic software such as Isatis, Vulcan, Gemcom or Datamine.
    In addition to its advanced modelling capabilities, GeoticMine enables you to create vertical, inclined or horizontal sections and projections with the simplicity and ease-of-use that Geotic products are known far.
    Drill hole planning in a 3D graphics environment that takes historic deviations into account is a practical tool that our clients will certainly appreciate.

    The GeoticCAD application is designed to interpret and add the finishing touches to section drawings created by GeoticSection.
    Similar to AutoCAD, GeoticCAD will provide you with a familiar work environment, thus reducing your learning curve.
    The software stands out from many competitor products thanks to its own integrated drawing motor.
    You do not need to install AutoCAD, which translates into increased autonomy and reduced costs.
    Not only does GeoticCAD work with all the formats supported by GeoticGraph (JPG, PNG, DWG, TIF, PGN…), but its main strength lies in the use of Geotic’s own VDML file format, which optimizes your possibilities.
    For example, several sections can be combined simply and automatically into one drawing without having to worry about insertion points.
    Complicated rotations will be a thing of the past since GeoticCAD automatically recognizes all the systems (World, Measure and Plot) defined when creating sections with GeoticGraph, and allows you to move from one system to another with a simple click.

    It is easy to visualize individual sections when you add your geological interpretation, by making the neighbouring section/s appear in grey.
    You can complete your drawing by including an arrow pointing north, a graphical scale or a legend explaining the colour codes used when creating your sections or by importing graphical elements from other sources such as AutoCAD or Gemcom.

    x64 | Languages Supported: English, Français, Español, Português | 1.08 GB

    File Size: 1.06 GB


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    eversince I download the file it ask password, what is the password for download?