JSON Buddy 7.0

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    JSON Buddy 7.0

    JSONBuddy - A better way to edit and create JSON and JSON schema. The only editor with full support for Draft 4, 6, 7 and 2019-09.

    Built-in text editor for JSON and JSON schema with syntax-coloring, auto-completion, folding and more...

    Context sensitive entry-helper
    Intelligent auto-completion using JSON schema information. Create JSON content in less time.

    Brace highlighting and pretty-print
    Brace highlighting, JSON pretty-print and remove whitespace features.

    JSON Text editor
    Whenver you need to edit any JSON input which is not well-formed.

    JSON syntax checking
    Avoid JSON parsing problems with the built-in JSON syntax checking.

    Best JSON schema editor available
    Schema editor for Windows® with $ref keywords as active links. Unique JSON schema analyzer

    Code folding
    Use code folding to collapse and expand sections of JSON text.

    Complete JSON text editor for Windows®. JSON specific syntax-coloring for increased readability.

    Complete JSON editor environment
    Standard editor functionalities undo-redo, copy-paste and find-replace.

    File size: 26 MB