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    Data Integrations For Revit Api Plugins C#

    Learn some some usefull tips to improve your Revit Addins, by managing data on functions.

    What you'll learn
    Learn how to add new Features to Created AddIns
    How to set Loading Bars on your addin for long reviewing transactions
    Implement the extensible storage for a easy retrieve non user visible in the Revit Modeling Process
    Implement the use of JSON files to your development so data its been read and stored, and can lead to API calls

    Basic Knowledge of Revit any Version
    Had taken the course Step by Step C# for Revit API for Plugin Creation
    A computer with Revit, Visual Studio, Revit Lookup and AddIn Manager installed
    Had taken the course of C# Revit Plugin Creation Windows Forms User Interphase

    This course is about data integrations to improve your Revit API plugins following a data managment perspective.

    We will pick where we left on the previous courses From Zero Step by Step C# for Revit API for PlugIn Creation , and C# Revit Plugin Creation Windows Forms User Interphase starting with a simple review of refactoring on applications, adding new features by library creation use of the extensible storage, CSV files and JSONs.All of this content has been curated to be easily understood and implemented to your project requirements.

    This course is fully oriented towards architects, engineers, and constructors who have seen that automation and programming are not out of their scope if they plan to succeed and increase their full potential in areas that always require their attention.

    This course is planned to be complement previous courses to set a new programming agenda that is more flexible and accessible to architects and engineers, and not just programmers.

    Help subsequent training agendas to be released as soon as possible by recommending, reviewing, and buying this type of content. Join me in bringing all of these capabilities to reality and transforming your BIM skills, and enjoy the freedom of possibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.

    And with all my hopes, I will do my best to ensure that this content will change your way of working for the better moving forward.

    Section 1: Previous Requirements

    Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

    Lecture 2 Check of all necesary requirements

    Section 2: Building Libraries

    Lecture 3 Creating DLL Libraries

    Lecture 4 Fixing LIbraries

    Lecture 5 Testing and Debugging

    Section 3: Extensible Storage

    Lecture 6 Creation of a Data Schema on Addins

    Lecture 7 Get or Create Scheme

    Lecture 8 Adding and Reading Entities

    Lecture 9 Selecting and Integrated on Functions

    Section 4: CSV Files

    Lecture 10 Saving to CSV Files

    Lecture 11 Loading from CSV Files

    Lecture 12 Creating a Family Selector with the CSV Data

    Lecture 13 Debuging posible problems

    Section 5: JSON Files Managment

    Lecture 14 Creating a JSON File Data

    Lecture 15 Quering and creating objects from a JSON File Data

    BIM Modelers who want to spice the game by automating their workflows and create addins, Dynamo Enthusiasts that want to go deeper into automation and the creation of hard coded solutions., BIM Managers and Coordinators that need to have that extra set of skills to improve their work aproaches., Enginners that want to fasten modeling by automation and programing

    Published 1/2023
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 953 MB | Duration: 1h 46m



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