Logitech SetPoint 6.90.66

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    Logitech SetPoint 6.90.66

    Logitech Setpoint - software for mice and keyboards company Logitech, allows you to reassign the button functions to notify the user of low battery devices, change settings, volume PC and much more.

    Supported Devices
    Zone Touch Mouse T400 M-R0034
    Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 T-R0004
    Touch Mouse T620 M-R0030
    Performance Mouse MX M-R0007
    Anywhere Mouse MX M-R0001
    Marathon Mouse M705 M-R0009
    Wireless Mouse M305 M-R0012
    Wireless Mouse M505 M-RBY125
    MX ™ Revolution M-RBQ124
    Wireless Mouse M510 M-R0017
    V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth ® M-RCQ142
    Wireless Mouse M310 M-R0014
    VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks M-RCJ134
    Wireless Mouse M525 M-R0027
    Wireless Mouse M325 M-R0021
    Wireless Mouse M185 M-R0024
    Bluetooth ® Mouse M555b M-R0008
    V220 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks M-RBS136, M-RCD125
    MX ™ 1100 Cordless Laser Mouse M-RCR147
    Corded Mouse M500 M-U0007
    VX Revolution ™
    MX ™ 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse M-RAG97
    V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks M-RCS143
    Mouse M100 M-U0003, M-U0004
    Touch Mouse M600 M-R0030
    Wireless Mini Mouse M187 M-R0031
    Logitech Cube M-R0026
    Wireless Mouse M225 M-R0024
    Laser Mouse G9X: Made for Call of Duty ® M-U0006
    Wireless Touchpad T-R0002
    Wireless Mouse M315 M-R0022, M-R0024
    Couch Mouse M515 M-R0018
    Mouse M110 M-B0001
    V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks M-RBY125
    LX6 Cordless Optical Mouse M-RCF112
    Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse
    LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse M-BCK135
    MX Air ™ Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse M-RBP123, M-RMP123
    Optical Mouse M-BZ96C, M-SBM96B, MBZ96
    V200 Cordless Notebook Mouse M-RBK93B
    MediaPlay ™ Cordless Mouse M-RAM99, C-BS35
    G5 Laser Mouse M-UAH113A
    Racer Mouse M-UV94
    Spot Mouse M-UV94
    Tiger Mouse M-UV94
    V150 Laser Mouse for Notebooks M-UAL120
    Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 Y-R0016
    Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 Y-R0011
    Illuminated Keyboard Y-UY95
    diNovo Edge ™ Y-RAY81
    Wireless Keyboard K350 Y-RBN90
    Wireless Keyboard K360 Y-R0017
    Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Y-R0019
    Wireless Keyboard K270 Y-R0015
    diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks Y-R0001
    diNovo Mini ™ Y-RBG93
    Bluetooth ® Illuminated Keyboard K810 Y-R0028
    Wireless Keyboard K230 Y-R0022
    Wireless Keyboard K250
    Keyboard K120 Y-U0009
    Wireless Keyboard K320 Y-R0010
    Wireless Number Pad N305 Y-R0004
    Wireless Keyboard K340 Y-R0005
    Compact Keyboard K300 Y-U0004
    Wave Keyboard ™ Y-UV90
    Media Keyboard Y-BH52
    Deluxe Keyboard U-SU45
    Access Keyboard 600 Y-UQ85
    Internet Keyboard Y-SB3
    Navigator Keyboard Black Y-SAD65
    Media Keyboard Elite Y-BN52
    Media Keyboard Y-SAE71

    File Size : 158 Mb

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