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    ESI PAM-STAMP 2022.0 (x64)

    Description : PAM-STAMP is a specialized, integrated and scalable solution for sheet metal stamping. It simulates the entire process of tooling manufacturing from designing the working surface of the die to the analysis of shaping characteristics with verification of the correctness of the solution, including the analysis and compensation of springback. PAM-STAMP 2G is a specially designed development and analysis tool for design organizations, design bureaus and enterprises of the Automotive and Aerospace industries.

    PAM-STAMP offers an original stamping modeling chain, from rapid die design, through applicability assessment, to final product inspection and quality control, without leaving the CAD model.

    From Design/Concept to Try-out
    For any given metal forming process, it is possible today to conceive everything in a virtual engineering equivalent - from detailing customer requests to virtually inspecting the final product, as well as setting-up the production facilities. This includes material cost estimation, die design and feasibility, part design validation and tooling design and forming processes.

    Below you will find a good selection of the milestones and elements of a virtual stamping engineering process that you can excel with stamping simulation software and solutions from ESI - from sheet metal stamp simulation to style,design, part and dies production – and beyond.

    Making engineers productive – What is available and how does it work
    Topology check, cleanup and repair
    Material cost estimation
    Die face design next generation based on B-Spline geometry
    Fast link with simulation
    Accurate numerical methods
    Geometrical drawbeads
    Springback - Kinematic Hardening Model
    Triple speed mode for breathtaking short simulation times
    Precise prediction of wrinkles including folding – no numerical flattening
    Blank & Trim Line Optimization
    Springback of High Strength Steel
    (Multi-operation) compensation
    Virtual prototyping of the full stamping chain
    Cosmetic defects
    High quality results without tradeoffs in cost and time
    Hot Forming , End-to-End Virtual Prototyping
    Chaining with manufacturing engineering and assembly prototyping
    Virtual Reality

    File Size: 999 MB

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