Udemy Spine Pro: A Complete 2D Character Animation Guide

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    Spine Pro: A Complete 2D Character Animation Guide
    Last updated 7/2021
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 2.81 GB | Duration: 4h 6m​

    Learn to create professional 2D character animations for Games!
    What you'll learn
    Creating professional 2D animations: idle, blinking and run cycle
    Advanced Spine Pro techniques for animation enhancement and 3D feel
    Including: Meshes, Weights, Paths, IK, Transform Constraints, and more
    Preparing a character rig ready for animation
    Useful practices to save time & increase animation process efficiency
    Overcoming common issues
    Keyboard and mouse
    Spine Professional Licence (purchased from Esoteric Software)
    No prior knowledge required
    When it comes to professional looking 2D character animations for games with a 3D effect to them, Spine Pro is your go-to software. This course will show you how to use Spine and all its advanced practical tools for creation of pro-level animations you could use in your game.Starting off with basics, and quickly advancing to Pro techniques such as Mesh Animation, Path Constraints, IK and many more, this course sets out to grant you a complete understanding of 2D character animation process in Spine Pro.Why choose Spine for your game character animations?Spine 2D Animation Software has gained an immense following both from game developers and 2D digital animators in the past few years. In fact, it is one of the leading tools for 2D skeletal animation. The Pro licence is the ultimate form of this powerful software.The reasons to use Spine are quite straightforward:- Spine is easy to learn, and intuitive in use.- The software is fit both for beginners and advanced animators.- Spine Pro has all of the advanced 2D animation features a software can offer.- Spine game animations are easily integrated with most game engines.- Excellent integration with illustration tools for artwork import.In other words, with Spine Pro there is pretty much no limit to what you can do as a 2D animation artist. Even a 3D effect in 2D animations! All is in your hands.So, get ready to create animations like a Pro!What will you get from this course?This course offers a detailed review of Spine Pro 2D animation software. It will include preparation for animation process, best practices for animating a character, and enhancing the animations with various advanced tools.In this course we will:- Export a character from Photoshop (or other graphic redactor) into Spine- Create a character rig using Meshes, Paths, and Transform Constraints- Bind meshes to character bones using Weights- Add Inverse Kinematics Constraints, and deal with Draw Order- Create professional looking Idle, and Run animations with a 3D effect- Enhance our animations using Offset and Graphs- Learn how to export your animations from Spine- Fix some common issues along the way, and more...Throughout the course we will go over Spine Pro user interface, some useful shortcuts and best practices to make your animation process faster and more efficient.On top of all that, the course is planned to be updated in the future. Which means more fresh, up-to-date content for you, for the same price!Why choose this course to learn 2D character animation?Our goal with this course is to bring you all the practical tools of Spine Pro you might need for creating professional 2D character animations; Regardless of the level of your prior experience in animation.We strive to build our lectures in a clear and precise manner that is both highly informative and easy to understand. All of the practices that you will learn, were tested out in the field, and derive from personal experience with 2D animation.Moreover, we offer you:- Personal guidance and answer to any questions (within reasonable response time of up to 1-2 work days, depending on the day of the week).- Additional materials on the use of Spine Pro.- Quizzes at the end of each course section to fortify your knowledge.- Lifetime access to course materials (including any future updates in the course).We love games and adore animation. This 2D character animation course is a passion which we are looking forward to sharing with you. So, let's get to work!Sing up to this course, and start animating 2D game characters like a Pro!
    Section 1: Preparing Your 2D Character for Animation
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Lecture 2 How Spine-ready Character Should Look Like
    Lecture 3 How to Export a Character from Photoshop
    Lecture 4 How to Import a Character Into Spine
    Lecture 5 How to Fix Missing Images Issue
    Lecture 6 How to Save Your Spine Project
    Section 2: Rigging with Meshes and IK Constraints
    Lecture 7 Creating Your First Mesh
    Lecture 8 Creating Meshes for the Armor
    Lecture 9 Creating Meshes for the Bending Parts
    Lecture 10 Character Rig pt.1: Rigging a Leg
    Lecture 11 Character Rig pt.2: Core Skeleton
    Lecture 12 Character Rig pt.3: Cape and Hair
    Lecture 13 Character Rig pt.4: Ponytail with Path
    Lecture 14 Character Rig pt.5: Head Control with Transform Constraints
    Lecture 15 Completing The Head Control
    Lecture 16 Binding Meshes to the Bones with Weights Tool
    Lecture 17 Binding Ponytail Path to the Bones
    Lecture 18 Adding IK Constraints
    Lecture 19 Adding the Second Leg
    Lecture 20 How to Change the Draw Oder
    Lecture 21 Adding a Missing Bone
    Lecture 22 How to Color the Bones
    Lecture 23 How to Change the Bones Icons
    Lecture 24 Creating a Test Animation With a 3D Effect
    Lecture 25 Download the Character Rig
    Section 3: Spine Pro User Interface
    Lecture 26 Spine User Interface
    Lecture 27 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
    Section 4: Creating The Idle Animation
    Lecture 28 Idle Animation pt.1: Core Movement
    Lecture 29 Idle Animation pt.2: Secondary Motion
    Lecture 30[NEW - Spine 4.0 Graph Editor] - Enhancing Idle Animation with Graphs
    Lecture 31[OLD - Spine 3.8 Graph Editor] - Enhancing Idle Animation with Graphs
    Lecture 32 Enhancing Idle Animation with Offsets
    Section 5: Creating the Run Cycle
    Lecture 33 Run Cycle pt.1: Core Movement
    Lecture 34 Run Cycle pt.2: Completing the Core Loop
    Lecture 35 Run Cycle pt.3: Secondary Motion
    Lecture 36 Run Cycle pt.4: Creating a 3D Illusion
    Lecture 37 Run Cycle pt.5: Completing the 3D Illusion
    Lecture 38 Enhancing Run Animation with Graphs
    Lecture 39 Enhancing Run Animation with Offsets
    Lecture 40[NEW - Spine 4.0 Update] - How to Change Animation Length
    Lecture 41[OLD - Spine 3.8] - How to Change Animation Length
    Lecture 42 Small Fixes to the Run Cycle
    Section 6: Creating the Blinking Animation
    Lecture 43 How to Add a New Image to Your Spine Project
    Lecture 44 How to Add a New Slot
    Lecture 45 Blinking Eyes Animation
    Lecture 46 How to Use Preview Mode
    Section 7: Advanced Features
    Lecture 47 How to Export Animations from Spine
    Section 8: Course Conclusion
    Lecture 48 Conclusion
    Beginner to advanced level 2D digital animators,Game developers looking to create professional 2D character animations,Anyone passionate about 2D animation for games

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