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    Wondershare Filmora (x64) Multilingual

    You can easily make impressive and captivating videos using Filmora, a video editor for Windows. With Filmora's built-in editing features, creating videos only requires a few simple steps.

    Pick up Your Editing Anywhere
    Creativity shouldn't be confined, nor should editing. Filmora editing platform allows you to edit on a desktop or on the go.

    Back up Assets to Cloud Anytime
    You can back up imported files, project files, favorite effects, or customized settings to the cloud and get back anytime with your Wondershare ID.

    Team up for Video Creation
    Filmora Workspace provides a workspace for your team to share, discuss, and adjust your video works with top-level security.

    AI Smart Cutout
    Paint on people, background, or any imperfections to make your videos flawless.

    AI Audio Stretch
    Your every song is the right song to fit any length of clip with AI Audio Stretch.

    AI Audio Denoise
    No more wind noise, crowd noise, or any annoying sound. Enjoy the peace that Filmora brings.

    Auto Reframe
    Resize a row of videos automatically in minutes. No editing skills are required.

    Silence Detection
    Create a non-stop video full of highlights by cutting all needless pauses smartly.

    File Size: 513 MB



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        شكرا جزيلا


          شكرا جزيلا لك ولكن التصحيح مفقود


            Wondershare Filmora (x64) Multilingual


              ممكن شرح طريقة التفعيل رجاء!

              • Saadedin
                Saadedin commented
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                للأسف لا استخدم البرنامج ولم اجربه بنفسي

              Originally posted by gehadhanna View Post
              ممكن شرح طريقة التفعيل رجاء!
              السلام عليكم اخي الكريم .
              طريقة التفعيل هي نقل الكراك المسمى wfilmv1256-zmco الى هذا المسار :
              %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Wondershare\Wondershare Filmora\
              ملاحظة يجب اغلاق البرامج و التاكد من عدم اشتغاله في الخلفية ليتم التفعيل بنجاح.

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                شكرا جزيلا