Flow Science Flow-3D CAST v4.0.3

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    Flow Science Flow-3D CAST v4.0.3
    FLOW-3D CAST software for metal casting simulation, which allows:

    The basic version (Basic)

    Possibility racheta models include up to five separate blocks.

    Simulation gravity casting, low pressure casting, and centrifugal casting.

    Simulation filling forms with uchntom viscosity and turbulence poverzhnostnogo tension.

    Simulation of heat transfer and crystallization.

    Expandable database alloys, shapes, etc.

    Accounting for natural convection in the process of crystallization.

    Accounting for the properties of materials depending on the temperature.

    Determination of porosity zones, shells and other casting defects.

    Extended Version (Extended)

    All features basic version, plus

    Ability to calculate the model with an unlimited number of separate units.

    Modeling chill casting under high pressure.

    Modeling of cyclic chill casting.

    Lost Wax Casting.

    Determination of areas for possible cavitation molds taking into account possible deterioration.

    Simulation of air traps.

    The advanced version (Advanced)

    All features basic and advanced versions, plus

    Simulation of filling of the bucket with six degrees of freedom.

    Modeling of continuous casting.

    Simulation of gas and associated effects of this.

    Heat exchange with viscosity.

    Improved algorithm accounting viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids.

    Simulation of drying the shape and stezhney from moisture.