ADAPT Builder 2015 build 2015.0.032515

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    ADAPT Builder 2015 build 2015.0.032515

    ADAPT-Builder is designed for three-dimensional modeling of the finite element method and design of floors of multistory buildings with subsequent voltage for gravity and lateral loads.


    Edge - analysis of high-rise buildings of concrete;

    Floor Pro - system design of concrete slabs;

    MAT - system design bases;

    SOG - designing plates followed by the voltage on the open ground

    ADAPT-Builder is a comprehensive and integrated solution for the analysis and design of post-tensioned and conventional concrete floor systems and beams. ADAPT-Builder is an umbrella program that allows you a variety of design and analysis options by activating one or more of its computational modules, including analysis by the Finite Element Method (FEM). Using сomponent еechnology, ADAPT-Builder generates a true three-dimensional model of the structure as it appears on the architectural drawings. Using this geometrically true model for its computations, ADAPT-Builder can provide the correct location, amount and length of reinforcement needed for construction



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    جزاك الله خيرا
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      احتاج الى الاصدار الاحدث adapt builder 2018
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