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  • Farid-Khan
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    Learn TRNSYS

    What you'll learn
    Learn how to simulate the performance of renewable energy systems using TRNSYS 18
    Use the TRNSYS Simulation Studio more effectively with tips & tricks
    Critically analyse your simulation results
    Model buildings using Google Sketchup TRNSYS 3D plugin, and the TRNBuild interface
    Learn how to implement control strategies, import weather data, validate your model, and much more!
    Automate your TRNSYS simulations through simple VBA code in Excel

    TRNSYS 17 or 18 software licence

    TRNSYS is a powerful software package for developing energy models of a huge range of thermal systems, and has been used by students, researchers, and companies around the world for the last 35 years.

    But learning TRNSYS can be difficult. Until today, no course like this has existed, only expensive in-person courses are available in faraway locations on specific dates. Don't waste your precious time trawling through endless PDFs, trying to make sense of complex example models and decrypting vague PhD thesis reports.

    Join Alastair McDowell, TRNSYS Expert from EnergyAE Australia (Official TRNSYS Distributor) for a comprehensive TRNSYS course that will teach you all of the key concepts, how to use the modelling interfaces, and give you plenty of chances to practice and hone your skills. Explore all of the different component libraries available with many interesting case studies, including a building integrated PV/thermal system, and a thermal storage wall for a building.

    Test yourself against frequent challenges and assignment projects. I demonstrate my solutions, and will answer any questions you have throughout the course. You will quickly be feeling confident to take on your personal TRNSYS projects.

    Praise for the 'Learn TRNSYS' course:
    "I was a complete beginner in TRNSYS before taking this course, but after watching all the videos and completing the assignment projects over 3 weeks, I now feel very confident with TRNSYS and look forward to starting my post doctorate work on modelling smart energy network systems."

    - Munur Sacit Herdem, University of Waterloo, Ontario, CA.

    Who this course is for:
    TRNSYS users who are keen to advance their skills and model complex renewable energy systems
    The course will provide valuable knowledge to beginner and advanced users alike

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  • talala
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    • Jun 2023 

    is it free
  • Teddy_Shmosby
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    • Jun 2023 

    Does it explain how to simulate a solar panel and DHW/heating demands?