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    SAS 9.4M6 (TS1M6)

    Updated: Added new SIDs (expired 30 september 2021 and 31 jahuary 2022)

    SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market, has released Maintenance Release M6 for SAS Software 9.4.

    SAS 9.4M6 (TS1M6)

    SAS 9.4 TS1M6 maintenance release

    A maintenance release is a collection of updates to SAS products or components that corrects customer-reported issues and adapts the product to a changed environment. A maintenance release can also include new software functionality.

    SAS 9.4M6 shipped in November 2018. This release builds on SAS 9.4M5 and continues to enable existing SAS 9.4 customers to use the functionality in SAS Viya. For example, many SAS procedures have been enhanced to take advantage of the fast, distributed processing provided by SAS Cloud Analytic Services, which is part of SAS Viya.

    Both SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya are part of the SAS Platform. You can use them individually or together depending on the needs for your site.

    SAS 9.4M6 also includes enhancements in creating accessible output, enhancements to programming tools (including support for managing GIT repositories), and enhancements to data management capabilities (including support for GIT and functionality that helps customers manage data privacy). Security updates include secure defaults for TLS deployments, updates for third-party components, and support for Java 8. In addition, several SAS analytical products, including SAS/ETS, SAS/STAT, and SAS Enterprise Miner, shipped a new release.

    Maintenance Release
    You must have installed SAS 9.4 in order to apply a maintenance release to SAS 9.4. You can add maintenance updates to an existing SAS software depot, or you can create a new depot with a full software release.

    SAS Software is the name of the software and the name of the company that created it in 1970. By 1980, it added graphics, online data entry and compiled the C programming as well. In the 1990’s, SAS added tools like visualizing data, administering, storing data warehouses, and building interfaces to the World Wide Web, etc.

    SAS stands for Statistical Analysis Software and is used all over the world in approximately 118 countries to solve complex business problems. Much of the software is either menu driven or command driven. Like the other programming software, SAS has its own language that can control the program during its execution.

    SAS is so powerful that it can understand any type of data and it can access data from any software and any format. Logical operation can also be performed in SAS by using if –then statements. SAS runs all statements in a loop, step by step, and executes the program very quickly. ODS procedure is used to take the output in other formats. Examples of this include HTML, RTF, excel, etc. We can also make a macro from the SAS program to meet various research needs.

    SAS is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from their data. A deep bench of analytics solutions and broad industry knowledge keep our customers coming back and feeling confident. With SAS, you can discover insights from your data and make sense of it all. Identify what’s working and fix what isn’t. Make more intelligent decisions. And drive relevant change. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW.

    Product: SAS
    Version: 9.4 TS1M6
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Website Home Page : sas.com
    Language: english

    SAS 9.4M6 (TS1M6) | 7.73 GbB

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