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    Become a HVAC Professional - Part 2/3- Load Calculations HAP

    What you'll learn
    Theory of Load Calculations and Design.
    Formulas Behind the Software
    Create an Actual Project in HAP
    Create Project libraries
    Walls and Window Detailing
    Create Spaces & Systems in a project.
    Adding occupancy as per ASHRAE
    Outdoor Air Requirements ASHRAE 62.2
    Adding Fixtures & Eletcrical Equipments
    Walls, Windows, Roof Detailing
    Infiltration & Partition Detailing
    Selection of HVAC System
    Design Reports in SI & English Units.
    Save, Archieve & Retrieve a Project.

    Become a HVAC Professional - Part 2/3- Load Calculations HAP

    Udemy Course : Become a HVAC Professional - Part 1 | Fundamentals & Basics
    Very Basic Knowledge of HVAC

    Welcome to the HVAC course, this is the Part 2 of the series ''Become a HVAC Professional'' | in this part you will able to learn Basics of HVAC Load Calculations by using ASHRAE approved Carrier Hourly Analysis Program (H.A.P) to Calculate the tonnage (kW) and CFM according to gulf or Dubai Standards.

    This is the only course taught by a Mechanical Engineer

    After the completion of this course, you can get a Full-time job in the HVAC industry.

    I will be permanently updating content so you can be Up-To date with the industry.

    I was involved in the Design & installation of HVAC Systems in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

    This course is designed for complete Beginners, I tried to cover relevant topics in the industry.


    Basic Theory behind Load Calculations and Design Process.

    Understanding of a Wall and Partition

    Roof and Ceiling Concept

    Ventilation and Infiltration

    Sources of Heat

    Basic Formulas Behind the Software (Important for Interview)

    Resistance and Coefficient of Heat Transfer

    Wall Heat Load

    Glass Heat Load

    Roof and Ceiling Load Formula

    Essentials of HAP Software

    Basics of Software

    Importance of Drawing

    U values according to Gulf Standards.

    Adding weather and Wall details.

    Adding roof and Window details.

    How to Create a Space in HAP

    General Properties

    Internal Properties

    Wall Creation

    Space roof Creation

    Partition wall Effect

    How to Create System in HAP

    Creating and Name a System

    Selection of HVAC System

    Selecting and Adding spaces.

    Generation of HVAC Design Reports

    Preview Design Reports

    Save and Print Design Reports

    How to save Actual Project in H.A.P

    Saving a Project

    Archive a Project (important)

    Retrieve a Project (Important)

    How to send complete Project on an email to Client (Important)

    Who this course is for:
    HVAC MEP Engineers
    junior Design Engineers
    Mechanical Industrial Engineer
    Construction Managaers
    Building Service Engineers - Managers
    Engineering Students

    Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz
    Language: English | VTT | Size: 379 MB | Duration: 1.5 hours

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