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    Xeoma 16.6.6 Final (x86/x64) Portable -- 91 Mb

    برنامج Xeoma هو عبارة عن أداة سهلة الاستخدام مصممة خصيصا للتحكم بكاميرات المراقبة . ومشاهدتها في شاشة واحدة من خلال واجهة بسيطة

    Xeoma is an easy to use and efficient application designed as a security tool, with video monitoring options, motion detection features and the possibility of performing various remote control activities.

    Xeoma 16.6.6

    This piece of software supports any type of web camera, including IP cameras, CCTV or wireless cams, being able to simultaneously capture images from all existing monitors. Xeoma can even be accessed remotely through portable devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

    The program offers a series of modules, which can be combined and used in the various situations. As such, aside from the universal camera module, you can also use the 'Microphone' for audio surveillance, or the 'Motion Detector' to set trigger areas, that can cause the camera to start recording, or exception regions, in order to prevent any false alarms.

    The 'Scheduler' enables you to setup specific dates and times when to certain modules can start the recording process. This can be done on certain days of the week, such as week-ends, or Monday to Friday after work hours.

    The recorded images can be compressed to a user-defined rate and stored in archives, even on different hard drives. The contents can be viewed within Xeoma thanks to the built-in video player, but you can also extract sections and watch them separately.

    Moreover, Xeoma provides you with the option of activating text-message or e-mail alerts, in case the 'Motion detector' gets triggered, for instance. The relevant images and videos (that can include audio capture) can be sent via email or uploaded to your FTP server in just moments.

    The many uses of Xeoma range from ensuring the security of institutions and buildings, to monitoring personnel or children. Thanks to its intuitive interface, the application is fairly simple to understand, making it a great tool for any type of surveillance operations.

    6 June 2016: New Xeoma 16.6.6
    Fixed bug with rtsp streams when updating to a new version;
    Universal camera: optimized work with stream for direct saving into the archive.




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